The Tower is standing!

  • So, as some (or most) of y’all know, I’m your local watchman, which is a role that you can find best described on the wiki, which is why I’m gonna quote it ;

    <<This is a group of players found in the #tower room. They act as advocates and mediators between players and staff. They uphold players and staff to the Code of Conduct as well as the Player’s Bill of Rights. Please seek them out if after dealing with staff you feel like your case hasn’t been fully heard. However, the Watchmen can still find that staff is acting on the up and up and agree with them.

    Examples of services they can proivde: Arbitration, advice, representation, reality checks. They’re not here to be mouthpieces of the staff, or glad hand. If there’s an issue, a misstep, bad shit going on they will speak up. Also need to make sure that we’re not harbingers of whinging. Also you can go them to point out when shit is good. Did an ST do something great? Needs to be pointed out. Did you see awesome RP? Needs to be pointed out. It helps keep a good pulse on the health of the game >>

    The thing, since I came into function, like two months ago, I have only seen two persons in the Tower, and one of them wasn’t even talking about their relations with the staff.

    So this either means that everything is going quite fine and everyone absolute adore the work of our staff. Great! I’ll be the first one to hope that this is the case happening right now.

    But the other case, and the one that I feel is a bit more realistic, is that some of our players will prefer talking about the Staff in private message, complaining in private, than coming to The Tower or the Chambers and explaining the problems they feel the server might be having directly. Now, I can’t stop anyone from doing that, I’ve done it myself even, but I feel that it should be something that we all understand.

    Because, for a more healthy climate IC and OOC, I feel that everyone should feel at ease to be honest with the Staff, in bad or great moments. I’ve never seen any people complaining, nor have I seen anyone praising the staff to me in Tower. You’ve probably done it directly, I’m sure.

    I’m running around in circles right now, I get that, but basically, I really feel like everyone should understand the fact that the Tower isn’t just there to decorate our server, but to make it a better place to play than ever ^_^.

    It’s my first time writting something like this, so if I’ve stepped out of bound, please notify me.

    Your friendly Watchmen, Panda Pandito David 3 Paul.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Also, as part of the quote stated, you can go into the Tower to praise staff or players. Especially players! The watchmen will pass that information along to us and it highlights areas that can we can enforce and encourage the good play to continue through various means. I am sure the positive vibes will keep the watchmen happy!