Announcing side game "New Corsica: Ascension Night"

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    In the dark noir American southern city of New Corsica, a small group of Kindred are given their chance to earn their Second Embrace. Little did they know the horrors that await them are worse than anything they have experienced before. In New Corsica: Ascension Night, a group of 4-5 players bound by the need to join the Camarilla fight the horrors of the night while being one themselves. If you are not selected to play, that is fine. New Corsica: Ascension Night will have a rotating cast of NPC characters which will be pulled from the existing player base of Sanguinus to bring to life. There will be familiar faces along with new. New Corsica: Ascension Night will be dark and visceral, focusing more on the horror aspects of Vampire: The Masquerade than that is usually reserved for a tabletop version of the game. This will be a side game that takes place on Monday nights. You must have an active character in the Branton Chronicle to apply to be a player or an NPC actor. NPC actors available for play are either new characters or you can reprise a previous character from New Corsica 1.0 or 2.0 or our Chicago Chronicle.

    If you are interested in being one of the select players or playing an NPC, please fill out

    Session 0 will take place on January 21, 2019 and will include aspects of coterie and character creation for the select players only. Game will officially kick off January 28, 2019 for everyone!