Plus News 19 January 2019: Park Body Formally Identified

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    Mutilated Body Found In Park Formally Identified

    PLUS NEWS - INTRO – 00:11
    — Carlos Marques

    A woman whose disfigured body was found in the East Side Park two days ago has been formally identified as Charisma Jones, 22.

    Charisma Jones

    Found by a local resident walking his dog, the body had been dumped in the park; her hands bound together, heavily mutilated with her throat slit. Her arm was missing, however police have concluded that this was the result of animals subsequent to her body being left in the park.

    It is understood police investigators had to rely on dental and forensic materials to identify the body due to the condition of advanced decomposition in which it was found.

    Police have confirmed Charisma was a customer assistant at H+M. She lived with her parents in Leonard Towers, and had a wide circle of friends, often spending time in the Breweries after work. She was reported missing on the 29th of November 2018.

    She did not own a vehicle, but frequently travelled on public transport.

    Police did not wait long after the grim discovery to announce that the death was “definitely suspicious”.

    No arrests have been made. The Branton Police Department have appealed to anyone who may have information to come forward.

    ::The screen cuts to a distraught middle aged woman being comforted by her husband, a bar at the bottom of the screen identifies them as ‘Judy and Roger Jones, parents of Charisma’::

    "I hope whoever who did this burns in hell forever and longer. We’re beyond devastated. It’s mind-blowing. We don’t know… I guess, it’s good to finally have closure, but we prayed it wouldn’t be this. Anything but this.

    She was always so kind, so loving…" The woman chokes up, sobbing, and the man speaks up to continue in her stead

    She was a loving person. Everybody loved her. She was our daughter. She was a wonderful person. She was saving up and training to go teach in Korea, it was her dream. She was so close to achieving it and somebody came and tore it from her, tore her from us.

    We can’t even have her funeral yet, start making arrangements. They can’t release her to us until they finish investigating” The woman cuts in before the man continues.

    If you know something, anything, please come forward. Speak to the police. Whoever did this needs to face justice for what they’ve done to our beautiful girl.

    ::As the man comforts his sobbing wife, trying to remain stoic for her while they both are clearly in the depths of unimaginable grief and distress, the camera turns to the reporter who signs off before the news continues on with the next topic::

    This has been Rebecca O’Hare reporting for Plus! News

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