Elysium Question

  • Do other sects still hold Elysium? Elysium pre-dates the Camarilla, and, in chronicles, Sabbat have spoken about their own Elysium a time or two. In LA by night, there are Anarch Malkavian twins that run an Elysium as well. The Camarilla have changed the code of Elysium, but have the other sects followed suit by either doing away with Elysium or banning all non-sect members?

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    Ya need to ask IC, however…

    In V5 Elysium is currently Camarilla only as decreed by Louis Alamuerte, leader of the Sect.
    This is mainly due to the banning of the use technology, “the second Masquerade,” which Anarchs have refused to adhere to.

    It should move on a nightly basis, so finding it would take finding someone with knowledge of or is in the Camarilla to find it.

  • Do other sects still hold Elysium though? Anarchs used to run an Elysium in LA as per LA by night. Would the Anarchs and the Sabbat still run their own respective Elysiums (Elysiae?)? Or did they also close their Elysium doors to outsiders.

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    In our game, Sabbat has never had an Elysium, neither did the Anarchs. They had meeting places similar to our current Night Market but they were not Elysium per se. But both groups were welcome in our Elysiums due to it outdating the sects and in the spirit of Pax Vampirica.

  • Okay. That’s cool to know. Thanks!

  • Hilt

    But yeah basically the oldest rule in vampire world, Pax Vampirica, is now shattered.