Camarilla and Our Dirtbags

  • How do the Cammies feel about the unbound? Are we actively enemies? Shunned? Wary possible allies?

  • The way I see the Camarilla thinking about us unbound kindred, is they consider us unworthy; worthless; and, in general, useless. The way someone who graduated high school, excelled in college, and then managed a hugely successful career might feel about the high school drop out who never left their home town and now tries to sell some MLM product every time they see an old friend. Everyone knows one, everyone avoids that person, and nobody wants to be caught dead talking to them, buuuut if you happen to need their product you might meet with them very discretely to get what you want. And hope to the deity you long ago stopped believing in that there isn’t some nosferatu hiding out watching you and reporting to the harpy what sort of person you were caught talking to.

  • You get under estimated, dismissed, and then when we fuck them over, they get outraged!

  • @duh I like the way you thinkin’, friend.

  • @jess - I speak the truth!