Plus News, 24 January 2019: Police Search for Missing Woman

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    Police Searching for Missing Woman

    PLUS NEWS - INTRO – 00:11
    — Carlos Marques

    A student last seen leaving class on Tuesday is missing, police have said.
    Tiffany Green, 20, is a student at the Branton Academy of Beauty & Trade and has a weekend job at the Shell gas station on [x and y] in Midtown. She was last seen leaving class on Tuesday at 6pm. A classmate said Tiffany had declared she was planning to head into the Breweries to meet up with friends. Her friends said she never arrived for the planned meeting.

    Tiffany Green

    She is described as being 5’1 tall with long brunette hair and brown eyes. She has a tattoo on her left foot of a Thai ‘unalome’ symbol.

    Two men are wanted by police in connection with her disappearance. They were seen last night at her apartment behaving suspiciously. They reportedly obtained entry to the apartment building by deception and were seen kissing outside Tiffany Green’s apartment. When questioned, they allegedly claimed to be police officers and asked questions about Tiffany Green.

    [A picture of Reznor and Emmeric standing together in what seems to be a corridor is shown. The pair don’t look happy. The picture was clearly taken with a phone.]

    Authorities are asking anyone with information related to the case to contact Branton Police.

    This has been Rebecca O’Hare reporting for Plus! News

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    [There are similar reports in the local newspaper. There is no picture of the two men in the newspaper, just a description is given]

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    [Note/Clarification: Reznor had his face half-hidden in Emmeric’s shoulder in the picture. Reznor was wearing a Beanie. Emmeric had his parka hood up. They are still recognisable enough to those of y’all who know them well though. The newspaper descriptions remain the same. Your RP is unaltered.]

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    [An updated version of this article is posted to online sources and printed in the newspaper. The initial online article has been edited to remove the photographs and descriptions of Reznor and Emmeric]

    An earlier version of this report named two potential suspects seen in the building. Police have reported that they are no longer under suspicion. It has come to light through further investigation that the accusations against them were malicious in nature and the witnesses who reported them have a history of using homophobic slurs against individuals in the neighborhood. Out of respect for the individuals, we have removed all pictures and associated descriptions from our online archive.

    Police are still investigating the disappearance of Tiffany Green and ask anybody who may have information to contact Branton Police Department.

    Editor in Chief,
    Plus News