To whatever fuckwit...

  • To whatever fucking MORON decided to leave a drained woman, with two puncture wounds on her neck, exsanguinated at her home and then try to stage it as a suicide, even though…christ…science…

    FUCK YOU. And you need to come forward right now.

    For those of you not involved, here’s a brief history of what we know:

    • Spine was tipped off by the police that there was a report of a dead woman, drained of all blood.

    • Further investigation (with the assistance of Bettie from Blade) got the report which showed that the body was left over the bathtub, moved post mortem, left with two puncture wounds on its neck, with slit wrists that were done post mortem, and the water left running to flood the bathtub.

    • This body was found by the woman’s four and six year old children the next day. You did that, mystery fuckwad.

    • Incident occurred in Whitier’s Trailer Park.

    Here is what Spine is doing presently:

    • Working to scrub anything directly related to breach - will confirm back on what we can do.

    • Asking all of YOU to provide us with information on how did this - whether you know something or if you’re the responsible party.

    If any of us are involved you need to fess up now; these actions endanger us all…really badly.

    The Spine

  • Daily reminder that your Emissary is an expert at getting rid of accident like those before the police can find 'em, so that the Spine can spend at least a week without covering for fuck ups. If ya have a corpse, call me.

    Aidan Ellwyn, The Emissary of Branton.