• Hilt

    Can Touchstones be more like a group of people? Like, “My mortal family,” or “my coworkers at Chuck-E-Cheese,” or “my bowling team?” Rather than like a single individual?

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Ideally it should be an individual you are able to interact with and keep tabs on.

  • @malevolence Can you ghoul your touchstones?

  • Hilt

    ^^ Have wondered that too.

  • Touchstones cannot be ghouls. They are specifically a mortal person.

  • Storytellers

    Your touchstone is somebody you want to protect, not draw into abusive blood slavery. I’m pretty sure turning your touchstone into a thrall would give hella stains.

  • @jaxon @Syn What happends when it dies? Say I choose my friend Herulgh and Herulghs only chance of survival is v.blood? It Or dies of old age?

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    @xekad you gain stains though you might get less if your convictions match.

    the book gives an example of killing a person that was threatening their touchstone but because their conviction was “protect and keep my family out of this”, they reduce their stains from 3 to 2 for the brutal murder.

    This could inverse though if you go against your convictions and with the example I just listed by dragging your family into it by making them a ghoul and losing a touchstone.

  • @freedomischaos Alright. But what about old age? Say I want to Keep Herulgh safe and this goes on until he’s like 90 and dying, and you can keep him alive if you ghoul him? Or would it be better to embrace him?

  • @xekad I think at that point you are probably going to lose your touchstone no matter what. If you ghoul or Embrace your touchstone, they are no longer considered “mortal” in terms of the touchstone definition. Even as a ghoul they are considered “other” and they are also subject to your whims. It would be kinder to let them go and to find a new touchstone, which you would have to do anyway if they were ghouled or Embraced.

  • Storytellers

    You would still gain stains.

    If your lover or touchstone is hurt - that’s a diff 3 fury frenzy, for starters. Diff 4 if they’re killed. If you Embrace your touchstone, it could even be 5 stains if not in mitigating circumstances - +2 stains for embracing a mortal, +3 for your touchstone being destroyed by your actions.

    If your touchstone dies peacefully, or in the normal course of things, the ST may allow you you to transfer the touchstone-connection to another human connected to your character. This change requires a Humanity test diff 4 while meeting or observing them, and likely requires further story action. In that case, I believe you would take a plain 2 stains for the original touchstone being destroyed. But still, 2 is better than 5.

    Unless you manage to transfer your attention to a new Touchstone, your Conviction connected to the destroyed Touchstone is lost.

  • @Jess @Syn Got it 🙂

  • Hilt

    And remember, they’re so individual that you have a different conviction tied to each individual family member. So if you had “Don’t kill” attached to your Dad, and “don’t steal” attached to your brother, and then your dad died of cancer, you’d be all, “All of a sudden I think murder is ok, but at least I’m no thief.”