Suspect identified and in custody.

  • Earlier tonight as I was leaving the Laundry Mat, I found Hemlock sitting alone on a bench as if in a trance. During our conversation he revealed that he did not know how he got there and his last memory was of being in the Night Market. I had been informed of the incident at the trailer park by Cassie and had confirmed it with Aidan although I did not have any details at that time. I convinced Hemlock to come with me to see if anyone could help to fill him in on his missing memory.

    When we got there we read Tucker’s entry and Hemlock became distraught. He informed me that at that time that he also had parts of the night before that he couldn’t remember. Through a series of questions, I had determined he was a suspect but did not have proof. I asked him to call Reznor and Alex who had mentioned being with at the Night Market with the night before. With Cassie and Michael, we were able to keep him engaged in conversation while they arrived.

    Reznor was able to get Hemlock to converse with one of the voices in his head. Through that line of questioning Hemlock stated it was that voice who was in control while he was feeding. Hemlock say he had no memory of what happened and that the voice did not tell him what went down.

    After a quick private discussion, Me and Rez determined that the best course of action was to put him on ice until he can account for his actions to the community. Rez spoke with Hemlock and he agreed to be staked until he can have a chance to explain his actions to the community and to prevent any risk of this going down again. When it came time to do it, Hemlock did not protest and took the staking.

    Until we can get together and he has a chance to speak his piece, he will be in Blade custody.

    Mr J. As per your rules should you feel the to speak to me concerning staking him in your place, I will be happy to do so.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    What does he need to speak about? He is a breacher and a huge liability. He needs to die. Period.

    If you can’t do it then deliver him to me and I will. If you don’t deliver him or kill him then he is completely your responsibility. You keep him out of my sight. You babysit him. You take him out to feed, you hold his hand, you make sure he doesn’t fucking kill and leave the body for their CHILDREN to find, then you lock him back up.

    Anyone else who doesn’t have a problem with a Malkavian who apparently has voices in their head, one of which is a complete psycho who kills for funsies can help babysit.

    But if I see him around the Market OR hear he is there, where we all socialize, where his inability to feed properly will lead the authorities to us, he is dead.

    The time for fucking coddling is done. This is the third MAJOR problem this week. Not minor, not little things. It’s time to grow the fuck up and remember who and what you are!

    It’s funny because a good many of you bitch that we aren’t going after the Tower. I’ve been cautious and now you’ve proven why I was right. Not a one of had proven you are ready or mature enough to start. You can’t control your feeding, how the hell are you going to go take out Tower?

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron

  • Hilt

    Before his execution, I recommend determining whether he took out Charisma and Claire’s ghoul. I also recommend determining whether this voice is a purely psychological matter (which would be ended with his execution), or whether it is a spiritual entity which has attached itself to him (which would likely not be ended with his execution).


  • Felicia,

    Point taken. He’s gone.


    He just got to town, Charisma went missing in November. If some spiritual entity or what attached itself to him, who’s to say it didn’t bounce when I staked. Plus he openly said the voice was part of his family’s curse.


  • As a ghost expert I can say it was probably most definitely his curse and not a ghost.


  • Hilt


  • Storytellers

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • T

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    We got a body with too little blood in it and not a whole lot of resources to be covering our tracks. Then the idiot that does it tells nobody and so it winds up in the authorities hands. So now we’re scrambling. The kids aren’t really our priority right about now. Sure help them out if it makes you feel better, but the more useful thing is making sure we don’t call attention to ourselves and covering this mess up.

    • Yves