• Anyone heard from her? She’s not answering my calls or texts, which is unlike her. She might be a useless waste of space, but she is still a clanmate. Any information would be appreciated.

    Just be an adult about it, please. We are fucking vampires after all.

    • Emmeric Durant

  • Claire and I spoke about a week ago. I haven’t seen her since.

    She was fine at the time as far as I know.

    • Mel

  • She hasn’t been blowin up my phone since Friday night if that helps at all.


  • I spoke with her on Saturday and we were going to work on her ghoul issue.

    • Hector

  • So is anyone going to fess up to what happened or share leads? Perhaps she went to meet some friends at a motel and is taking a long nap in Salem.

    Just a random thought, not at all rooted in past history of poor plans.


  • Some of the things she said and did in my last meeting with her might explain some things. I’ll give you guys (Emmeric & Tucker) a message later and we can meet up if you want. Don’t worry, no motels involved.


  • Hilt

    I had assumed that the sane serial killer(s) who got Tiffany and Charisma got Claire. If they did in fact move from Tiffany to Claire, it seems likely that those of us who played any role in investigating the ghoul are likely their next targets.

    That list includes, by my memory at the moment, and in roughly chronological order, the following Cainites:

    • Cassie
    • Emmeric
    • Reznor
    • Anja
    • Darien
    • The others who moved the body
    • Aidan
    • Savage


  • Alex,

    I look forward to the invitation (sans murder motel)

  • I was busy dealing wit the Hemlock shit Saturday night when she was last spotted, but here’s what I got.

    Thursday she blowing up my phone talking bout how she thinks Licks she used to hang with want her to walk out and see the sunrise. She’s talking like she ain’t plannin on going nowhere but if she suddenly gone it wasn’t her doin.

    Friday she wanna meet up to tell me somethin saying she didn’t have much time. Me and Cassie meet up with her and she give me some info about an interaction between two members of Spine. She say she gunna see if she can get us more info cause what she gave us we couldn’t really do much wit. Again she say if she gone it ain’t cause she left.

    Saturday while I’m tryin’ to get the details out of Hemlock bout what he done did, I get a call from a third member of Spine who seem to know what Claire told me and Cassie at the diner the night before. Seemed kinda odd to me at the time cause I didn’t talk to no one bout what Claire told us and she hadn’t talked to no one bout what Claire told us, but I let it slide cause I was busy with other shit at that moment.

    Sunday I text her to see if she found any info and I never heard back.

  • Let’s hope the killer isn’t smart enough to back trace a botched hack job.

  • Hilt

    Yes Reznor, of course.
    My VPN and the like were all active, so they’d pretty much have to work for an acronym for them to actually trace it to this city, let alone to me specifically. So let’s do pray they can’t do that, because if they can, our problems are far worse than a simple mistake on my part or evidence recently supplied by TJ that the Spine may have been involved in killing Claire.

    If the serial killer(s) could trace me, we can all kiss the night goodbye, as it would mean the CIA is onto the whole Barony.

    Given how unlikely that seems at this time, let us move past this deflection of yours and return to the implications of TJ’s testimony.


  • Nowhere in TJ’s post did he imply that Spine may have been involved in killing Claire. I see you’re still putting words in others’ mouths - or in this case in their written words.

    You’re just salty cause of that exchange you had with Tucker in the Night Market. You know… The one where you implied he didn’t care about the masquerade? Yeah. That one. You’ll say anything to make us look bad.

  • Storytellers

    So what did Claire tell you at the diner, TJ?

    Enquiring minds wanna know.

    • Tia

  • Storytellers

    And what evidence are you referring to, Anja?

    • Tia

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    So, if I am reading this all correctly:

    The girl who said she ghouled someone because she had taken too much of their blood, but never told anyone about it, nor did she particularly take care of the girl, goes to several people to tell them “something” and adds the caveat of, “If I go missing it’s not my doing!” several times, and who also had no influences, despite having had months to achieve at least ONE and was in a coterie for influence holders, and apparently was starving herself rather than feed and lord knows what else…has disappeared and you all are considering this ODD?

    I find it a relief. She is gone. Good riddance. Many Cainites up and leave. Hector, who lately returned to us, left for awhile, Tee did as well. Theresa left. Many others. But suddenly this is news because a known liar and Breacher- oh, did I mention she was a Breacher? She was. I asked around a bit in cities I was in before. Turns out she fed only from people who knew she was a Vampire and gave her permission.

    So again, good riddance. We have enough trouble without people like this in our midst.

    So, if I was all of you, I’d refocus on what is important, you know, Serial Killers, the weather, watching paint dry.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • Hilt


    I didn’t imply that he didn’t care about the masquerade. I implied that he was foolish for wanting to wait until my mistake had blown up to address it. I was asking him to look into it immediately, and he repeatedly stated that he’d rather wait and have me pay to have the Spine take action after it exploded than to have me pay to have them take action right away. I even pointed out that I was doing this because of how frequently we have been asked to bring our mistakes to people’s attention as soon as possible rather than waiting.

    When I pointed out that as this is the masquerade we were talking about, it would be better to stomp out the fire before it burns the whole village down, he said we should talk about it in public, and then said both that I had said I was unwilling to pay and that I had implied he didn’t care about the masquerade.

    I did no such thing. Rather, what I implied was I that he was a fool for wanting to wait and a hypocrite for saying to me “you’re trying to make this my problem” and repeatedly asking me why he should care after having exhorted everyone to come to the Spine early. I made a prophylactic effort in good-faith to do what we all should and he spat on it and used it as an opportunity to lie about me.

    He didn’t even take the report I had prepared for him on everything I found on the laptop, the leads it contained regarding how to cover up her disapoearance, or the leads it contained on how to look for her. He didn’t even take the laptop which he could have used to help cover it up.

    But that’s in the past now, so let’s let it rest, shall we? Bygones and all…

    Back to the matter at hand.
    It appears that the consensus is that I misread TJ’s testimony. Very well, my mistake.

    We still have one or more serial killers who may or may not be supernatural. Let’s talk about that.


  • Anja,

    You really are an idiot. Take a moment and re-read everything you said here. I hope you then realize that not only is your argument incredibly contradictory, but that you have proven that your whole thesis now and then is that I didn’t care enough about the Masquerade to clean up your shit-work. You know, the thing you’ve spent a lot of time trying to say it isn’t. This is the exact issue I took with you then and one that you actually just reiterated here, despite your victim approach in the market the other night.

    You can fuck all the way off and deal with your own mistakes. My dedication to the Masquerade and this city is not under question. Your ability to be remotely productive without fucking up/dragging in others to clean up your mistakes while also insulting them is.


  • Hilt


  • Hilt

    That said, it may turn out that your procrastination may pay off. Thus far, my error has not blown up in our collective faces. If that luck continues and isn’t sabotaged by anyone, your decision to wait will turn out to have been wise in this case.

  • Storytellers

    What in the hell kind of argument is just saying “False” after being called out?