Felicia's Visitor

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    <@Brain> ::As Felicia returns to her haven this evening she sees in the shadow of a corner the cherry of a lit cigarette light up::

    • Felicia startles and her fangs descend as she turns to fully face the cigarette smoker and backs up toward the door that leads to her garage.
      <@Brain> ::A calming voice sounds from the darkness:: Calm yourself, Felicia. I do not wish to do you harm.
      I am perfectly calm, but this IS my haven.
      <@Brain> ::out of the darkness walks a man cloaked in a shadow with whisps of a fine tailored suit with a lit cigarette set between his lips and a martini glass in the other:: ((
      <@Brain> I am quite aware of where I am, this is my city after all.
    • Felicia narrows her eyes slightly, head tilting as she looks at the man. Her eyes travel to the martini then to the cigarette then to his eyes, which she meets boldly, “Mason. Former Seneschal. Yes? Your penchant for martinis is legendary.”
      <@Brain> ::the man steps into darkness once more, an eerie unnatural darkness. When he steps out of the darkness, the cigarette and martini have vanished ((
      )):: Am I, no I am something much greater, Childe.
      (( zoinks! I have taken a wrong turn so sayeth Imgur but if it’s Maddox I remember what he looks like. lol ))
      <@Brain> ((it isnt!))
      <@Brain> ((It’s Furst!))
      <@Brain> ((
      (( got it! your :)) were too close ))
    • Felicia narrows her eyes even more, “Wilhelm Furst. I saw you once when I was still a fledgling. I’m sure I was beneath your notice.”
      <@Brain> ::The man shakes his head slowly:: Many men have tried to rule this city. To make it submit to their rule. Foolish they are.
    • Felicia crosses her arms over her chest and watches him
      <@Brain> ::The darkness cloaking the figure shifts up, obfuscating his face and just as quickly washes away revealing a horrific looking creature ((
      <@Brain> These -men- ::he spits at the word:: have failed. But you… you have been delivered to me.
    • Felicia steps back and away from the man, dropping her arms to her sides
      <@Brain> ::He appproaches slowly, hands stretched open:: What makes you think you are worthy of offering protection?
      <@Brain> ::Felicia blinks and suddenly it is Mason approaching her once again::
    • Felicia startles, “I get your point! You can be anyone!” She backs up again, hissing softly as if she was prey trying to intimidation the predator befor her.
      <@Brain> Answer me, young Childe. Answer or you will find Branton rejecting you as much as it has rejected the others.
      <@Brain> Search your heart. The real answer lies within.
    • Felicia stops backing up and appears to melt into herself as she grows still, clearly doing as he said. After a moment she tilts her head slightly and whispers, “We are connected…” she looks down as if expecting to see a tether flowing from her.
      <@Brain> Not yet you’re not. But you will be. It is your destiny. ::The face shifts to Fursts and then Maddox once more as he closes in on Felicia and putting your hands on her hips gently:: That is… if you are willing.
    • Felicia tenses under his hands and looks up, her eyes on his again with a boldness born of courage and training, “I am willing.”
      <@Brain> ::Maddox leans in and kisses Felicia on her lips and her body tingles of intense warmth followed by an equally intense chill. The shadow wraps around the couple pulling them in closer to each other::
    • Felicia 's tension increases as the man kisses her but as the warmth washes over her she relaxes, sighting softly against his lips, forgetting his monstrous visage for a moment, until the chill sets in and she begins to tremble, her teeth chattering as she wraps her arms around herself.
      <@Brain> ::the figure pulls away, a most beautiful blonde female smiles at her ((
      )):: Tend to my garden, Felicia. It will thrive under you if you treat it as it should. This must be the jewel in your crown.
    • Felicia slowly drops her arms to her sides right before she cries out and her hands go to her head, squeezing it even as she tries to keep her eyes open to watch the woman
      <@Brain> ::The figure fades away. In the dining room, on the table, there is an ashtray with the stub of a cigarette and an empty martini glass::
    • Felicia stumbles to the table and slumps down on one of the barely used chairs.