Game Summary

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    January 28, 2019

    The session opened with the coterie driving to the Night Market for New Corsica when Luke spotted that they were being followed. Declan, the former Dux Bellorum of New Corsica, and Eschar, a Nosferatu Deputy, was following them and rammed them off the road. The coterie was zip tied and brought to Seneschal Amarandos Christofidis along with another new blood known as Chuck in Elysium. Amarandos informed everyone that this group was selected for a chance to earn their admittance to the Camarilla, otherwise known as the Second Embrace. To solidify the contract they needed to give him one dollar or a finger. After they given the currency or appendages, Amarandos zeroed in on Chuck. Chuck did not have anything of real value to add to the sect so he called for his execution, which Jacques of Clan Toreador gladly carried out. The night ended when it came time to rotate Elysium for the evening and the Seneschal declaring the remaining candidates are now eligible for protection that the laws of Elysia provide and that any Kindred in good standing in the Camarilla to give the coterie tasks to prove their worth.

  • February 11, 2019

    The session opened with coterie hangouts in the haven. A few noteables:

    1. Luke was doing push-ups
    2. Mikey installed a hammock chair from the ceiling
    3. Graham was Graham.

    Then Declan showed up, via rat messenger. Bitched out the coterie for not having decent security, and for following a rat stupidly. Then gave a mission - get rid of the drug dealers in the park, they’re cramping his style.

    So, they go to the park. There is a nasty old woman there. Luke tries to talk to her, doesn’t work because he is interrupted by Mikey, now known as the Dark Malk. Graham stepped in and did some domination work, had the old woman go elsewhere.

    Mikey had a vision, after some bickering, they all went to the drug bar. Ricky from trailerpark boys was out front giving drugs to kids. Mikey called her police contacts to come and bust the place.

    THEN, the fucked up “The garden will be tended” vision happened.

    THEN a lasombra showed up and demanded to be taken to DuPrie. Good luck with that.