• Call me paranoid…

    …but I believe Claire has left town without letting any of her clanmates know (unlikely, she was often less than useful, but always looking for guidance), or something has happened to her.

    If something has happened to her, her ghoul is likely losing it’s fucking mind out there, having felt the bond break. Be careful when you’re out and about feeding, I have no idea what my clanmate may or may not have told her ghoul, but… it’s likely desperately hungry. Watch your backs.

    My contacts are on the look out for a “Florida man” bath salts style crazy, and will alert me to anyone who may be a danger to the masquerade. Keep an eye on the paper, and if you see something, say something.

    And if you did kill Claire get in touch. Possibly no hard feelings?

    • Emmeric Durant

  • well the ghoul been found, dead, so you ain’t gotta be havin’ anyone look out for her no more