Follow up on PEI promotion

  • [18:03] * Emmeric (Emmeric@CAF9B87C.E2F7DC3B.57007AB5.IP) Quit (Quit: Mikey is thrown in, and actually cries out in pain as she is thrown like a sack of HIGH GRADE PEI POTATOES ((this promotion paid for by the PEI potato board. For more information, please go to )))
    [18:06] He really likes that promotion lol
    [18:06] it’s for the primary export of his homeland
    [18:06] he gets a referral bonus, every time someone clicks his link he gets a free potato
    [18:07] so if we click it repeatedly we could just bury him in potatos?
    [18:07] Is that how that works?
    [18:07] <Aidan_msk> 😮
    [18:07] <Aidan_msk> I mean
    [18:07] <Aidan_msk> PEI potatoes are godly
    [18:07] its more than a science, its a way of life
    [18:08] " Potatoes are the primary cash crop on the Island and PEI continues to be the largest potato-producing province in Canada, growing one-quarter of the potatoes in the country."
    [18:08] Well, now we know where the Irish went
    [18:09] Does 5 guys in Canada get their potatoes from PEI?
    [18:09] Does Quebec produce diet champagne? >.>
    [18:09] <Aidan_msk> We… we do?
    [18:09] <Aidan_msk> WE produce great wine okay è_é
    [18:09] huh, the mystery of prosecco now solved
    [18:09] <Aidan_msk> It just costs a lot
    [18:09] they grow russet potatoes, round white potatoes, red potatoes, blue potatoes, and yellow potatoes
    [18:10] Map 2015.jpg
    [18:11] I get Cyprus potatoes. Im good 🙂
    [18:11] <Aidan_msk> Of course he’s gonna flex his european products è_é
    [18:14] Over 88,000 acres of potatoes are grown on PEI each year
    [18:17] "Irish immigration to Prince Edward Island occurred in three waves— 1767–1810 saw the Colonial Pioneers; 1810–1830, the Southeastern Immigrants (from Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny, and Tipperary); and, in 1830–1850 came the Monaghan Settlers (but also emigrants from Armagh and Tyrone). "
    [18:24] suddenly everyone on the server wants to go to PEI. Most successful advertisement ever.