Stop looking for Claire's ghoul

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    You said cut up to shit? Is it knife lacerations or claws? Is the body still available for inspection?


    If I had to guess, knife. Seemed pretty precise and deliberate. I think it being held to see if someone to use the site to get any info on who did it, but you would have to ask Aidan if the body is still available for inspection.


    I’ll reach out to him.


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    Funny how the ghoul showed up dead about the same time Claire goes missing.

    I’m not saying she killed the ghoul, I’m just saying it’s a funny coincidence.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • I have let the corpse in plain view for the police to find it, so that her case isn’t looked on by the authorities further on.

    Aidan Ellwyn, Emissary of Branton

  • So we moved a body to just put it back somewhere for them to find?

    Seems like a recipe for “tampering”


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    It was originally reported that she was still alive. I requested she be brought to me as I could not rely on the bleeding hearts of this city to handle her disposal. Upon learning that she was indeed dead, I ordered the body to be dumped.

    Being an occasional,slightly sympathetic person, I ordered her dumped somewhere that the authorities could find her so her family would realize she was dead.

    It is my hope that those who dumpef her body did so in a manner that would eliminate any Cainites being sought for questioning.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • That’s a very unfortunate omission on the part of the reporting parties. Words matter people.

    Spine will stand ready if that inexact language causes any additional issues.

    Thank you for the clarity, Baron.


  • Did we at least make it look like someone robbed the body or were all her valuables left on her?

    Also there’s nothing on the news yet is there? I imagine it’d be a breaking story the moment they found her.


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    @jj said in Stop looking for Claire's ghoul:

    Did we at least make it look like someone robbed the body or were all her valuables left on her?

    She was found naked, throat cut, slashed up from head to toe, chunk of her side missing, and frozen cause it’s been cold as fuck. I don’t know how wires got crossed but she been dead for days.

    If I had known the body was just gunna be left for the cops I woulda left her in Midtown instead dropping her in Sevenpoints.

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    Were “we” there? Those who took care of the body, I am sure, did what needed to be done and “we” should accept that. If “we” wanted to make sure things were handled in a manner “we” thought is acceptable, “we” should have been there.

    …just sayin’

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • As Felicia explained, it was a misunderstanding between me and Cassie that led to that. If anything go wrong with the authorities, Ill follow up with the Spine.

    -Aidan Ellwyn, Emissary of Branton

  • It was a ‘we’ in that we’re all working together on a lot of this, trying to make sure our city is safe, no?

    I’d have happily been there if I knew about it as it was all happening. But you’re right, now it is what it is, and we will just see what happens.


  • Interesting! Can you be more specific about what was different with the tattoo?


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    Maybe you should, yanno, double check the news article before jumping to conclusions?

    • Tia

  • Just to clarify: She is described as being 5’1 tall with long brunette hair and brown eyes. She has a tattoo on her left foot of a Thai ‘unalome’ symbol. - That’s the ghoul.

    The other woman had a tattoo listed on her ankle.

    Hope that helps.