Claire's Ghoul and Charisma's Killer

  • Yeah, that’s what I meant by the “thrill by association”. But why wouldn’t they do the same for the Charisma girl?

    Anyway, Bettie’s said this a bunch, but we have to be smart about how we approach it. Have our excuses line up and such and pay attention to what’s going on. If multiple dudes are claiming to have done it, maybe they say that for a reason. I mean, this is crazy shit that’s happening. I wouldn’t bet against more crazy showing up.

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  • Check the news, guys. This guy sounds like he knows too much. We gotta get him before the cops do.

    Didn’t see signs of anybody else in the alley when we found the body, but the guy makes it sound like he mighta been close. I can try going back there and see if I can get a vision of when she was dumped. Would probably be safest if I got some backup with me though.

    Figure the bit about “pretending to be her” and going through her things is probably from when Anja logged on to her Facebook account.


  • I’m not sure he was close - I’m betting he left behind some clues and moving the body fucked them up. 😞

    Serial killers -want- to leave clues often enough, they think they’re so smart, they want to prove how smart they are by having police and people chase them. People fucked up his game it seemed.


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    @biteymcbitesalot said in Claire's Ghoul and Charisma's Killer:

    … I can try going back there and see if I can get a vision of when she was dumped. Would probably be safest if I got some backup with me though…

    If ya think it’ll help, hit me up for back up.


  • Been thinking more about the injuries the ghoul had on her. Pretty sure the hole in her side was done with a knife or something else sharp. Skin looked cut, not ripped or bitten. Mighta been done to take the kidney out? My bet would be the cutting happened while she was alive. Pretty sure it was the slit throat that killed her, not the hole in her side. Didn’t look like amateur work either. Whoever was cutting her open knew what they were doing, they weren’t just poking around in there at random.

    So either the guy we’re after has some kinda basic surgical training, or he’s got a helper that does.

    Anybody know if Charisma was missing any bits besides the arm?


  • Hey so quick heads up.

    Chatted with Felicia earlier tonight - she definitely seems to advise making sure we prioritize not causing -any- waves over digging up this information. Police are gonna be all over this shit, and we should be super fucking careful, or wait for things to settle, before we dig deeper into this stuff.

    I think that makes sense. We don’t wanna be another Emmeric and Orphan.

    Stay safe out there folks!

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    I’m seconding Alex’s warning. Don’t be stupid. We were looking into this to show how useful we can be, not to continue to make the coterie look like the reject pile.


  • ::Cassie’s handwriting is a bit messier than usual:: Went with TJ last night to the alley where we found Tiffany. Got a vision. Felt what happened to her.

    Got a needle jammed in my her gums. Liquid in her mouth, tasted bitter. Made teeth numb, then lips, then jaw. Couldn’t move. Brain got all foggy. Mouth scratchy and dry like sandpaper.

    ::the handwriting gets noticeably worse:: Then it hurt. Over and over and over over over again. She was awake when the kidney got cut out of us her.

    ::the handwriting seems a bit steadier here:: Teeth felt important. Guy might be dentist? Using dental equipment? Keeping them in old dentist office? Has enough medical training to get the kidney out clean and not kill her while taking it.


  • Nice find, Cassie!

    Kinda weird though. How did someone get a needle jammed into her gums? That’s kinda hard to do by surprise… Or did this actually happen in the dentist’s chair? And I remember that bitter taste from when I was younger, that was like a local. But it wouldn’t paralyze someone? I donno though, I do -not- understand how that all works.

    Either way, I agree that looking for someone with medical training is the way to go. Still weird though, because Docs and Dentists I don’t think share much training according to TV shows I watch! If they can take a kidney without killing someone that sounds more like someone with more doctor training? I donno. Maybe you can learn that shit online. “How to take a Kidney, now on Youtube!”

    Think we can find out if Charisma was missing an organ? Did we ever get a full autopsy report?


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    Jake said he seen it too He didn’t like say the exact same thing, but what he say he saw was close enough. Know what I’m sayin?

    Jake identified a couple dentist offices. We checked out one but didn’t really find anything.


  • @zahana said in Claire's Ghoul and Charisma's Killer:

    Jake said he seen it too

    Anja saw it too. Think my mirror overflowed and spilled into theirs. Happens sometimes.


  • Okay; it seems this has moved on to crazy dentists and such, but I’ve still gnawed at the dangling clue of tattoo stuff 'cuz, y’know, that’s all I’ve got. Plus, Earthquakes and hard-ons and stupid rocks.

    Following up on the weirdness where several fellas claimed to have done Tiffany’s tattoo: John at Metamorphose studio, and “then he says his buddies Jeff and Serge also said they did it”.

    I poked around for tattoo guys named Jeff and/or Serge, and got the following list:
    Jeff Waters (Psycho Ink)
    Jeff Ford (Papillon Studio Ink)
    Lord Jeffrey Blue (yes, that’s what I wrote) (Grey Matter Tattoo Studio)
    Serge (Tattoo Too: Electric Scribblie-oo) (yes, I also wrote that)

    Maybe she had multiple tats. Be worth checking if we could. And maybe we can triangulate those down to a general area.

    Anyway, something to poke at.

    • Hector

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    We don’t know the dentist thing gunna play out. Good work on the tat front. What neighborhoods they all in?