Graveyard Chick

  • I am keeping tabs of that graveyard shit that Jake Savage’s been dealing with.

    Back story:
    He invited me to go with him to St John’s to check the place out. While there he stated he saw a ghost of a woman named Shirly. Apparently she pointed to the back of the church and said she was buried there but she was stuck as a ghost until she was laid to rest properly. I don’t understand most of this shit. At the back of the church was concrete that was pretty new laid out.

    I found him five women named Shirley to look into. Turns out it looks like it’s Shirly Stateman. 25. Went missing about a year ago. Last known movements were actually toward the church.

    I’m keeping tabs on this a bit cause I’m fairly certain we’re gonna hear of some idiot using a jack hammer at the back of the church, or something. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. On the other hand, he might also solve a year old murder.


  • Unbound

    Wait. So like… this motherfucker can actually talk to ghosts?

    • Em

  • Apparently… And see them, too. I don’t get the wanting to seek them out, though.


  • Toreador Spine

    Dears, maybe he’s just a good actor.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Y’all are funny. I’m not sure why we care about solving a murder that doesn’t involve us, but it sounds like one where you’ll be pretty quickly found if a jackhammer is used. As for this Savage, he’s Malkavian. So yeah, they see stuff different than the rest of us. Maybe he sees dead people. Maybe not. Sometimes they’re cracked, other times they see through everything right to the heart of matters. It’s up to you to judge which is which.

    • Yves

  • Yves, as I said, I’m just keeping track of it. Just in case. I can keep private notes if you prefer.