FY: Possible Caitiff or maybe Thinblood

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    So dude named Kael, who threatened to tag my Mr. Johnson’s Market last night and was generally an ass won’t say what he is. Could be Caitiff or Thinblood, in which case youse know what to do if youse see him and he won’t say.

    Mainly cuz youse don’t tag my Mr. Johnson’s shit without there being problems. Oh and also cuz Thinbloods are to die. Unless youse are okay with daywalking murder hobos stalking youse guys.

    • Jane. Cuz I own the pen youse use and can write good too.
    • Mr. Johnson’s girl.

  • He spent a chunk of time with Aidan getting questioned and Aidan seemed happy enough to leave him. So we should be good, I think? On that front at least.

    The tagging, yeah… That was almost a brain dead move.


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    Why on Earth would he want to hide his Clan then? You said yourself he was being bizarrely insistent on not telling anybody what it is, if he has one at all.

    • Tia

  • I know his clan, he isn’t Clan less.

    Aidan Ellwyn, the Emissary of Branton

  • So what is it?