Plus News February 1 2019 - Letter From Killer?

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    Letter From Killer?

    PLUS NEWS - INTRO – 00:11
    — Carlos Marques

    [Initially reported in Plus News but very shortly reprinted in all other local news sources - online and in print - is the following anonymous letter that Plus News claimed was mailed to them.]

    Dear Editor

    I am the killer of the girl in December and the one that just got found. To prove this here is a piece of her skirt soaked in her blood.

    Your police could have caught me that night if you hadn’t moved the sweet girl, sweet Tiffany. But you moved her, you put your hands all over her and you messed with my fun. + I know you’ve been pretending to be her. She was with me, screaming + begging for mercy, when you wormed your way inside her things.

    So seeing as how you decided to screw around with my fun, I’m going to take two girls next.

    + If you’re hoping the police will catch me first, don’t hold your breath. They don’t even know the half of it.

    A Friend

    [Police confirm a fabric sample matching the description was given to them by a staffer at the news company and it is being tested to identify the source of the blood.]