Schism of Change

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    “Close your eyes…” she whispers, “Close your eyes but let Her light let you see…”

    “Cover your ears…” she whispers, “But hear what She says…”

    “Hold fast for only a moment …” she whispers, “Hold fast until it is still, then release and let go…”

    In your mind, you see a spider web made of spun gold, and a woman so stunningly beautiful you must turn away, a woman so imposing you can not help but follow her. The gold of the web entwines in her hair and frames her inconceivable face.

    “Tis on this night that the Moon will dance with the Morning Light and the Moon alone can defy what was before and deceive those who seek to deceive.”

    Her hair swirls around and around, ensnaring all who it touches, but not to trap…

    But to FREE.