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    There was an earthquake this evening throughout the city this evening, so y’all act accordingly!

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Along with the earthquake, every experiences this same vision

    ::Suddenly you are in a bright sun-filled garden that extends as far as the eye can see. Bright vibrant colors, most you have never seen before are everywhere. The sun and the moon are both visible in the sky, your skin feels both the warmth of noon during the summer solstice and the chill of midnight during the winter solstice. Your lungs feel oxygen filling them as you breathe, your heart beating to send that oxygen via blood throughout your body. You feel great joy briefly as you see the silhouette of a woman in a bright ray of sunshine and a most beautiful voice announcing "This Garden -Will- Be Tended::, and then the vision fades and you realize you are just one of the damned and cursed still. You are hit with an existential sorrow that breaks your heart worse than any lover ever could::

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    ::there was an aftershock! Phone lines are down or flooded with calls but in any case you aren’t getting service right now::