Blade Territory

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    :: This thread is for tracking the build up of the territory that Blade holds. Please post any xp spends you make so we can keep this up to date ::

    Leonard Towers

    • Chasse - 2 (freebie, Hector)

    • Lien - 2 (freebie, Cassie)

    • Portillion - 2 (freebie, Michael)

    • Haven Security - 3 (Francisco, Teej, Michael)

    • Postern- 1 (Cassie)

    • Arsenal- 1 (Hector)


    • Thugs guarding the Entrance , Haven Watchmen - 1 (TJ)
    • Secure Doors and windows, Haven Security 1 (Francisco)
    • This safe that holds the coteries notebook can be found in the office.
    • Super fancy security system courtesy of TJ that is a keypad lock required to open the door, with a camera that is activated to take a picture of anyone who engages the keypad - 3/20/19
    • A hidden back exit (Postern 1) - Cassie 3/21/2019

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    ::texted to the group::
    Wit Cassie leavin the code for the keypad is now ######

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    ((Okay, so I edited your post about turf and everyone who spent xps had them refunded. I left your Security 3 in place cuz you kinda need it in the Towers)

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    :: texted to Blade from TJ::

    Cause of change up, code for the keypads is now ########