Branton Census (In Progress)

  • Name Clan Coterie Rough Arrival Date Special Skills Areas of Influence Other Notes Last Updated
    Alex Meyers Brujah Blade 2018-Dec Fighting, street smarts, people, metalworker artist Streets Handsome AF. Knows low level politicians. 2/6/2019
    Bettie Brujah Blade 2019-Jan Fighting, investigation Bacon 2/6/2019
    Cassie Malk Blade Fighting, seeing shit Hospitals 2/6/2019
    Eric Brujah Blade (Provisional) 2019-Mar Fighting 3/8/2019
    Francisco (Frank) Torres Brujah Blade Fighting Streets 2/6/2019
    Hector Gangrel Blade Fighting 2/6/2019
    Kaelem Gangrel Blade 2019-Feb Fighting, driving, shooting Bacon, Organized Crime Has contacts in with his areas, too. Thinks he is very mysterious (he is not). 2/17/2019
    TJ Brujah Blade Streets 2/6/2019
    Vincent Nos Blade 2019-Feb Sneaking, Obfuscate No influences or contacts to speak of. Doesn’t seem very specialized in any one area. 2/17/2019
    Aidan Nos Hilt 2/6/2019
    Anja Malk Hilt Fake IDs Wouldn’t trust to hack anything. 2/6/2019
    Darien Nos Hilt 2/6/2019
    Lorgar Tremere Hilt 2/6/2019
    Tia Tremere Hilt Finding people’s havens by the sound of it 2/6/2019
    Jake Savage Malk Hilt 2/6/2019
    Sinjin Tremere Hilt 2/6/2019
    Melissanthi Rose None 2019-Jan 2/6/2019
    Daryl Gangrel None 2019-Mar 3/2/2019
    Hayley Malk None 2019-Mar TBD 3/9/2019
    Patrick ? None 2019-Mar TBD Came with Hayley 3/9/2019
    Lane Ministry None? ? Providing counseling. And drugged blood. 2/23/2019
    Jenna Rose None 2019-Feb Guns, Architecture Bureaucracy, financial stuff 2/28/2019
    Delia Gottfredson Toreador Spine High society, old media, law 3/1/2019
    Emmeric Toreador Spine 2/6/2019
    Reznor Toreador Spine Computers, Fake IDs Technology, organized crime, administrative stuff, moving stuff Breacher. Lapdog. Wily. 2/17/2019
    Tee Gangrel Spine 2/6/2019
    Tucker Reed Toreador Spine 2/6/2019
    Wess Toreador Spine 2/17/2019
    Yves Ventrue Spine 2/6/2019

  • I’m going to be filling this out as much as I can over the next week or so as I talk with people.

    Aidan I know you talked to a ton of people and have been here way longer than me, so feel free to fill in anything you know.

    Felicia, if there’s any info category missing you want intel on, let me know and ill add it.

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    Looks really good to me


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    Is this done?

  • I’vc made a few updates recently but there’s still work to be done. I haven’t seen most members of the Hilt nor a lot of the Spine to ask about specialties and whatnot. I’ll make a push this week to fill in those blanks.

    It should have everybody in town listed at least, however.