Clan Flaws and Stereotypes

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    We have to make this announcement every so often and here it is again:

    Flaws are NOT optional. That goes for individual flaws but most especially Clan Flaws.

    You can not be a 'calm, Zen" Brujah. You can not be a non-hideous Nosferatu, or a sane Malkavian. You can not be an overly urbane, sophisticated or meek, helpless Gangrel. Caitiff are Suspect. Full Stop. You do not know about that whole “Book of Nod” Gehenna-bringer thing, but you also have ZERO idea of what each Caitiff can do, what disciplines they have. That is frightening.

    The Ventrue have sticks up their asses and hold themselves “nobly” above all and while you don’t know this, they have rarified taste in blood that reflects their nobility. Tremere, just like Ventrue, have a flaw you don’t know, but they are not trusted. For good reason. You don’t know about how they came to be, but they can do magic you are clueless about.
    Toreador need beauty, they can’t tolerate “ugly” but beauty can also make them zone out.

    Each clan also has a stereotype for a reason and we have always stuck to them in our game and expect that to be respected.

    There is a modicum of leeway in the stereotypes, but that is tiny and we expect you to play your clan.

    Each clan also has a “niche.” The Brujah are the passionate fighters, the Gangrel are the survivalists and also fight but will bug out if it comes down to “you versus them.”

    The Malkavians lend insight in their own, chaotic ways either through visions or through pranks, the Nosferatu spy- for good in order to help but also in order to be valued as information gatherers. The Tremere lend their expertise in the many occult matters of a city and, it doesn’t hurt that they have oogieboogie magic, the Toreador lend everyone their hearts, their passion and help set the “tone” and are social arbiters, and the Ventrue lead and control the chaos.

    We are also playing in the World of Darkness. Your character is a monster and a predator. They can and will do things we as real humans may consider horrible- starting with that whole stealing blood to survive thing. But, the morals and mores and values of Vampires do not completely reflect our (you,me, that guy or girl next to you) values. We are human, your character is not. Keep that in mind.

    If you choose to play your character too far out of the norm, expect backlash. If you see a char doing that, it is expected that your character should react accordingly. If you have difficulty sorting that out, ask us to help.

    We do not do this in order to punish or be overly harsh, but rather to enforce the world as we interpret it. We play Vampire the Masquerade in the World of Darkness.

    We expect you to play it as well.