Guild Assets

  • Storytellers

    • Lien: 2
    • Portillion: 2
    • Chasse: 2
    • Haven Security: 2
    • Postern: 1
    • Library: 1 (This represents access to the public library and college library whenever you wish, including their archives and such.)

    Hilt currently has control over Holy Hill secured.

    Guild Haven
    Base: 3pt Haven

    [IE: Hidden Armoury, Cell, Watchmen, Laboratory, Library, Location, Luxury, Postern, Security System, Surgery - All have a 0-5 dot Rating]

    • Nothin’
    • Nada
    • Not a damn thing

    Registered under a dedicated 2pt Mask.


    Other shared Guild Backgrounds will go here.

    • 2pt Retainer - Mickey Nye. Ghouled leader of the Third Flower conspiracy group.
    • 2pt Retainer - Blaire Jackson. Ghouled leader of the Third Flower conspiracy group. Youtuber/vlogger.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    ((I increased your chasse, lien and portillion to 2 and added security, postern and library, please see above))