Rouse rule question, non-urgent

  • Hilt

    Ok, so I totally remember reading somewhere in the book that when making Rouse checks…

    That either Blood Potency or Humanity makes it so you roll extra dice when waking.

    And that higher Blood Potency makes it so that you roll extea dice for all other Rouse checks. Not just the “rousing gives you an X die bonus to one roll,” but like where super potent dudes would be rolling up to 5 rouse dice and thus almost never increase their hunger.

    But I can’t find either of these when I look anymore.

    Am I just misremembering, or are either of those actually a thing?


  • Storytellers

    Kinda, as Blood Potency increases it does give extra dice but only for discipline rouse checks and even then only low level discipline powers. I don’t have the book handy but if memory serves, BP 2 allows 2 dice for level 1 discipline rouse checks, BP 3 allows 2 dice for level 2, and BP 5 allows for 2 for level 3.

  • Storytellers

    Humanity affects one rouse roll - Blush of Health.

    Humanity 10 and 9 do not need to roll for Blush of Health - they naturally pass for mortal (though looking ill/pale)

    Humanity 8 Cainites roll 2 dice for Blush of Health

    Humanity 7 Cainites roll 1 dice

    Humanity 6-1 Cainites roll 1 dice but with increasing penalties to attempts to interact with or pass as mortals

    Blood Potency affects more Rouse checks - but again, not all Rouse checks, just specific ones.

    It affects the amount of Superficial Damage one can mend per check:

    0-2 is 1 pt per check
    3-4 is 2pts
    5-6 is 3pts
    7-8 is 4pts
    9-10 is 5pts

    It also grants you bonus die to discipline powers and allows you to reroll the Rouse check dice

    BP 1 gives no bonus die but allows you to reroll the Rouse check for level 1 Disciplines

    BP 2 gives a +1 to Discipline Powers and allows you to reroll Rouse for level 1 disciplines

    BP 3 gives +1 to Discipline Powers and allows you to reroll Rouse for level 2 powers and below

    And finally, the amount of dice granted by a Blood Surge is determined by Blood Potency

    BP 1-2 give +1 dice
    BP 3-4 give +2
    BP 5-6 gives +3
    And so on.

    This is all on the wiki, I believe, on our Humanity and Blood Potency pages

  • Storytellers

    An additional note worth mentioning:

    At Hunger 5, you cannot intentionally Rouse the blood.

    Any outside force that compells a Rouse in such a case immediately forces a diff 4 Hunger Frenzy check on the hungry hungry vampire.