New Seating

  • Set up in one corner of the gym is a large collection of chairs. They’re old, dirty, and often broken. There are dining chairs, folding chairs, deck chairs, a broken high chair, plastic lawn chairs, a rocking chair, an old recliner with the padding torn off, a car seat, what looks like part of a broken bench, a bar stool missing a leg, an old stroller, a broken wheelchair, and a cracked toilet seat. A sad lump of deflated plastic turns out to be a popped inflatable pool chair. The gutted remains of a bean-bag chair lie next to it. A ratty old hammock chair has been draped over one of the other seats.

    Taped to the wall next to it all is a handwritten sign that proclaims the collection to be “Frank’s Beating Chairs-DO NOT TOUCH!” Scribbled underneath as an apparent afterthought is “except for Frank/people being beaten by Frank”

  • Please sign up for proper handling of chairs for beatings


  • ::Chairs have been mostly destroyed, there scatter around the gym::

    I’ll get you back Cassie