If anyone banks with Wells Fargo...

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    You may have noticed today that everything just… stopped. ATMs are down, counters can’t do transactions, website login is down, mobile app, etc.

    My long day was made longer by the backchannels that financial company’s (and well, any big infra-supplying sector) has when dealing with this stuff. If you are a customer of them, please let me know in PM or when I’m on IRC next (hoping that will be tomorrow). My workday has ticked past 19 hours, so I am going to bed.

  • Not a customer but I called there twice with client’s attempting to roll money out of their 401(k) and the phone system went to an answering machine that was full.

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    This is what happens when your entire business depends on a single data center. No good.

  • Hilt Unbound

    Anja did it.
    She was doing data storage for them and then her cat walked stepped on the delete key, and poof, Wells Fargo was bricked.