Welcome to Night City- Cyberpunk Official Trailer

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  • Looks wicked! If only it wasn’t so far 😞

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    Well, you can get an online ticket- play online. Which means…

    You will be able to:

    Have a very personalized experienced with your character creation - y’all can team up if there’s a bunch of you here who want to do that!

    You will have own GM, and can be in contact with live players, learn things about their own plotline, speak with online NPCs and others on the scene, we’re even trying to get a security camera stream of the site for some characters.

    You will affect the main game

    So, basically, you will be playing as if you are there, but will not have to physically be in the building. 🙂

  • I’m considering the virtual ticket but I’m curious what most of the day will consist of for those players. The event is like 9 hours, I think? And I imagine in person between plot and story stuff there’s a lot of people exploring and roleplaying. What will the basics of the online experience look like? What will we spend most of our time doing? 🙂

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    I just said. ^^^. I can’t give you specifics like, “at 5 pm you will do…” lol But you will have the same experience (more or less) online as you would if you are there. Your own personalized character, plot, a GM, you will affect the main game and may even be able to see the main game- they will be working on that technology.

    You now know as much as anyone else who is buying an “in person” ticket. There will be workshops beforehand on safety, mechanics and such. You will be able to work with your fellow players before the game start via online things like Facebook groups and such. There is a lot of build up beforehand to make this experience rich.

    Bek, Brian, Nik and Syn can fill you in on what that is like as they were heavily involved in the Night in Question. Bek is one of our writers for Night City and Night in Question. Brian and Nik wrote for Night in Question.

  • Got it 🙂 I guess it is just easier to picture being there in person based on past LARP events. But online could be anything from a very guided experience to something more like we have here where it’s a mix and there’s a good amount of socializing (but without knowing the ‘setting’ of the online interactions, kinda).

    Either way it sounds interesting and I’m kinda tempted hrmm maaaaaaaaaybe…

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    Definitely colab with people on the various online platforms pre-game. Colabing with players beforehand gets some really cool scenes. It’s not like here on sang where you’re meant to keep all your character secrets close to your chest. You can tell other players things in order to plan some cool stuff ahead of time.

    For example for TNiQ I let my group know how my character planned to go about things because they would have known him ahead of time, and I sought out a malk anti to embrace my dude because I really really really wanted to end up embraced malk.

  • I’m one of the online peeps, if people wanna collaborate! 🐶