Weird Tagging in Industrial Park

  • This is a doc to just keep track of what we find out about the new tagging in the Industrial Park.

    Quick overview:
    Tonight we noticed a bunch of new tags around the area. I had some of my guys on the street look into it, and they pretty much met a blank wall. Whoever is behind this has some serious influence in the area, beyond me or other Blade members it seems.

    Why is this weird? Because this shit sprung up like… overnight. It’s also bigger and more influential than any of us in Blade. Might just be someone big moved into town. If it’s mortal, that’s fine. But if not, we need to know whose in our territory (Blade Territory/Our collective city).

    The tag looks like this - I don’t know how to get an image from my phone to this thing. So I drew it in Paint. See me if you wanna see the original, because I suck at this.
    alt text

    Next steps:

    1. Blade will be mapping out tagging locations in the area to see if they point to some specific smaller area or if this gang is trying to claim more territory
    2. We’ll be checking with the Hilt to see if they can identify anything about the symbol
    3. We’'ll be looking to see if we can find some sort of leader and possibly watch or talk to them once we know more (but not until we know more!)

    We’re taking our time though, avoiding police attention and other stuff is top priority as usual. Hopefully it just ends up being some mortal gang in which case we can find a number of ways to deal with it without much fuss. But if its supernatural, I wanted to keep you all in the loop and share what we know.


  • Aidan, can you check with the Hilt on the symbol in the interest of the city (I’ll text you a non-shit version of the tag)? Mostly just want to know if it means something dangerous or not. Otherwise let me know and I can reach out to Tia or something.


  • Good idea, I will reach out to her.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    May I ask why you think they are, “bigger and more influential than any of us in Blade?”


  • A couple of us looked into it and got absolutely nowhere. They might not necessarily be ‘bigger’, it could just be more tightly knit and organized, but they certainly got their crap together. (and by ‘any of is in Blade’ I mean specifically with how deeply we got our 'in’s with the gangs and stuff).


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    ((okay gonna stop ya here before we go too far down the rabbit hole, Chicken Little. And I say that with nuttin’ but love…

    Please refer to y’alls sheets then refer to the influence list. You got word from the street but haven’t done any legwork for some of it. This JUST happened. So take a deep breath, chill and think

    Also, keep in mind that the goal of plot drops are the things that happen around it. Scenes, plotting, planning, playing and such, not the end boss scene- if there even is one.

    Again, nuttin’ but love. But Zen my dears…Zen. oh ooc Zen, Brujah gonna Brujah))

  • ((Got it and understand 🙂 We’re not trying to skip to the end - more just start investigating what’s up. We had a good scene and talk about it both at the club and then later in a Blade meeting. What came out of it is basically just the start of an investigation - you should have a couple players popping into Chambers over the next few days to start poking and looking around slowly at things with the characters and influence as we feel things out. This initial post is more just a thing to maybe be a little overly cautious, and to overly communicate, since in the past things have been… under communicated to Felicia. Basically making sure its a “We’ve seen something weird, so far we’ve gotten nowhere, so we’re letting you know so in case it blows up we can say the baron was informed and up to date” type thing.))