Steer clear of the Industrial Park

  • … for now.

    2 cainites we’re spotted at a werehouse with little to no respect for the maskerade. fangs were visible

    1 small guy, pale, track suit name possibly Eddy (may be sneaky)
    2latino,tattered jeans shirt and leather jacket, struts like a preydator and is FAST

    They’re known as the new gang in town with the below tag:
    ::messy looking drawing of the following tag::

    Nest is probably in a warehouse with their tag on it. dont go alone
    contact alex and shit.


  • It appears that there are group of people who believe this is Sabbat. It seems like they are blatantly avoiding your “Steer clear” of the park and want to scout it out further and possibly poke the hornets nest.

    When I suggested that perhaps its better to actually do some research and determine the best approach, when it can be coordinated amongst the three coteries who each equally guard different facets of the city, I was told “whatever Tucker.”

    That’s fine. People will be trigger happy and dumb. However, for any who want to actually intelligently discuss this and our needed approach, I’d like to suggest we meet at the Market tomorrow evening to properly review.

    In the interim, Spine will be monitoring the Masquerade for any trigger happy, defensive twat actions.

    Talk to you tomorrow night.


  • Which ones are so trigger happy they’d like to walk the risk of breaking the masquerade/get killed/kidnapped/interrogated?

    If they want I can get them an air horn and some flashy lights and bells so they can just barge in and be done with it so we can clean up their mess. Gives us something to do. Cause besides the wolves, Her, earthquakes, 183746 unsolved murders and dumb cunts we have shit all to do.


  • ((I’ll be planning do the scene tonight around 7EST for those who can attend))

  • Storytellers

    I am happy to meet to discuss matters but my coterie already has shit planned tonight. Happy to do a different night.

    • Tia

  • I’ll be there.


  • Saw some shit about the Industrial Park in my mirror. Pack of fucked up looking animals out there. Couldn’t see how many or where they were sleeping. But there was a shadow all over the west side of the town. The animals were chasing after it, trying to bite it. Getting all fierce at that big shadow. Then they started poking and sniffing at the east side of town instead.

    I’m thinking whoever the fucks out in Industrial Park are, maybe they got some kinda beef with the Tower over in the west side?


  • Toreador Spine

    I’m not boring you with the details of an holiday I had a few years ago in Texas, but that symbol - that tag- does not look like a kind of cattle fire brand?

  • no it’s chaos and panic


  • Savage,

    Would you explain what you mean by “it is Chaos and panic?” Is it some sort of symbolism?


  • I was told it’s literally that. Chaos and panic.


  • Jake’s right. Tag feels like a panic attack. Breathing too fast and being shaky and real scared.


  • That seems awfully odd and beyond even the usual supernatural. But I’m not up on the hoodoo voodoo and occult stuff. Interesting though, a symbol literally conveying emotions. Thanks for explaining both of you, Jake and Cassie. Appreciated.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    A group of Cainites who lives to instill fear and chaos, having a symbol that REPRESENTS chaos and panic is logical. I would very much appreciate an end to nebulous insights and a forwarding of concrete information gathering.

    We already know WHAT the Sabbat do, we know about area they may be in. Why do we not have a scouting mission planned with an eye toward avoiding confrontation, but being prepared to engage if necessary?

    All this silly speculation and doomsaying is doing just what they wish us to do, panic and sink into chaos.

    We have three Coteries who are suppose to be prepared and ready to go after threats. But all I see is panic and disorganization. They are suppose to act in tandem but I’m not seeing it. If it is occurring, I’m not hearing of it.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • Hi Felicia,

    Notes were posted a few pages back of a meeting that occurred last night between the coteries.

    It includes a plan to properly scout the area first through influences and then once we are rightfully informed, scout thereafter.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Should have known you had it in hand. But what is the ETA of the influence information?


  • For Spines part, I expect within the night. Blade was going to use their own influence to poll the streets, so I will let TJ speak for them.


  • We’re working on coordinating that right now - we’re going to try to have some of our boys on the street work together, and want to be sure they don’t end up causing issues. Because gangs and stuff. Should have info before the night is up if all goes well!


    ((Characters are ready, but we’re just finalizing some coordination in PM here, we should be popping in for information later today))

  • Storytellers

    One of my guys got too close and got his dumb ass caught. They feed him to they dogs. Thought y’all should know.


  • Yeah. thats what happens when you jump into the lions den. this is why we wait til day.
    ill let yall no how that worked out