Meeting Notes re: Industrial Park crew

  • Notes from tonight’s meeting in the Nightmarket, called by Tucker, Leader of Spine.

    • Tucker asked if the warehouses was actually found
    • TJ: no. many warehouses in that area with the tag
    • Jake’s map was unhelpful in finding the new crew’s lair
    • Using street view, Jake recognized the address of the actual warehouses he saw
    • Tucker wants to case the spot using influence only
    • TJ was asked to coordinate with a Hilt member to case the area out with Street influence
    • Spine will case by looking into police, legal, etc
    • Spine will also watch for Masquerade issues
    • Once we know more, we’ll discuss a plan once more to avoid exposure instead of having to cover it up
    • Everyone present agreed to this course of action

    In conclusion, and to be clear - Nobody will go looking in person. We’re using only influences to start. Once we have intel from those, we’ll make efficient and effective plans that will provide us the upper hand against those who dare claim turf in our area of control.