Details on Charisma

  • Storytellers

    So Kael came through wit the 411 from the coroner report.

    • body was identified through medical records obtains from Dr. Patel at Moore Dental Practice in Leonard Towers neighborhood.

    • The estimate is that she died somewhere between the 4th and 10th of December.

    • she was bound at the hands and feet

    • body was cut, burned, and beaten

    • kidney was taken before she died. they think the fucker had medical training, but couldn’t tell if it was surgeon quality or not.

    • official cause of death was her slit throat

    • bite marks and missing arm were done after she died

    • she was killed somewhere else and dumped in a park

    Me and Bettie put together a list of 15 other missing girls that have a similar description. Having a date of death for Charisma means we can go at it and maybe shorten it a bit. If we can get our hands on the records from that dental office, we can see if Tiff or any of the other missing went there. If so, that probably a place we should be giving a harder look. If not at least it confirm that what happen to Char and Tiff was the same.