Convictions, Remorse and Humanity

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    We are currently in the process of reviewing the system and everyone’s Convictions. We will be rewriting the system for Humanity and remorse to better fit out style of game.

    As of right now, if you incur Stains you will be rolling that same day to see if you lose them and feel remorse or if you keep them and lose humanity. This is how the rules read, and rolling once a week, we have discovered, lacks an immense amount of veracity and is not being played correctly.

    Fair warning, a good many people are going to be asked to change or expand your convictions, so it would be nice if you start to give thought to those that better fit your character. People with 1-2 will definitely need to expand them, people who took Convictions from the book and lend nothing to their char, will be asked to change them. Those with things like, “don’t hurt puppies” or “don’t hurt kids” will definitely need to change them.

    If you have any questions, see us in chambers

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Starting now and through the end of the workshops that Duh, Justin, and the Helpers are putting on, start thinking of at least 10 adjectives that describe your character’s connections to humanity. Don’t look at your current convictions or the example ones on the wiki. Just think about your character and think like your character and write those adjectives down. No need to come in and tell us them or send them to us. We will call you into chambers when we are ready to tell them to us and when we do, be prepared for a long and collaborative process with staff to detail out convictions.