IT'S FINALLY HERE! Also, a contest!

  • @malevolence - YES YES YES

    1. Stef. I took a break from Diablerie after playing there for ages, and when I came back looking, I found Sanguinus. And Stef was here. So… yeah. I followed suit! Also found a bunch of “old timers”. Why do I like playing here? The players are fucking superb, the storylines are as rich as anything you’d find in a core book, and honestly… it helps me hone my writing.

    2. I have too many favourites, honestly. What tends to stick out to me are the darker moments, a character loss, or losing a gamble IC. The triumphs are all well and good, but I really love it when shit goes south, and just feeling that terrible moment of personal horror. If I had to choose one, it would be when Jacques died. The moment where the overconfidence of the character started to slip, from a composed arrogance to desperation, to frenzy. All while Valentine watched. It was fucking BRUTAL and I loved it.

  • Storytellers

    Not a contest entry since I already have the pdfs, but to get in on the fun.

    1 After roughly 20 years of not playing (around the release of Kindred of the East) I attended Phoenix Comic Fest for a Star Wars Book Panel and saw they had people who set up VtM games during the event (on days I wasn’t attending). After looking through meet up, facebook, and various other avenues to find a table top game while binge watching Kindred the Embraced I googled online Vampire the Masquerade and Sanguinus was the first one that came up. I looked over others but submitted a character here first cause the website is better. On top of what everyone else said, I like that I don’t have to put on pants to play.

    2 Chaos in the Elysium! As signs of the beginning of the end of v20 I got to smash up the Elysium under orders to do so by they Keeper, watch the Malkavian’s vision of the fall of Branton, and floor explode almost right out from under my character and escape as it burned with barely a scratch.

    3 Bonus answer. Favorite ooc moment, getting called to chambers by Stef wondering what I was doing wrong this time to find out that I was named a Helper!

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    1. Google searching
      1a. The people were okay.
    2. Surviving a literal building falling on my character. +Declan

  • Hilt

    A ) I found Diablerie back in 2006 because I was searching for like some random ST’s blog of the chronicle they were running in tabletop vtm. I figured “I bet some one has done that, and I’ll read it just to mine it for things that’ll spark my imagination,” cuz I was abut to start a tabletop game. Didn’t know there even were online large campaigns. While there, I met whoever was playing Angelo Nicea in NC first run here on Sang. He mentioned in ooc that there was a vtm big game, and that he was,part of it. So I came here. Boom. Dropped Diab. I play cuz I love y’all people and the game.

    Second ) One of my fave pre-V5 memories has to be being part of the Nosferatu Thrwe Stooges. The Shenanigans of Mozart, Mose, & Attis are near and dear to my heart. So desperate to win daddy’s approval, and such fuck-ups we were.


  • Storytellers

    not entering, but willing to throw an additional core book pdf code into the contest.

    1. I first heard about Sanguinus because some dick was in one of the WoD facebook groups I was in complaining about how he wasn’t allowed to minmax, basically, and he had ragequit from approvals. Sounded like the place for me.

    2. Logan: Leaving the brujah sheriff with a couple days worth of malk hair on the floor in the cell, as well as a very close to masterpiece unfinished finger painting on the wall of the cell. Of a hunter.

    Taking 7 agg to the chest in one round and surviving.

    The incredibly stupid malk plan to steal a true faith object and hide it in court or elysium to see what happened. In our (weak) defense, we did not know what true faith was, only that the object made us feel weird so obviously, we needed to play with it. Obviously.

    Progressively more ridiculous court outfits because her mask was Donatella Versace.

    “I’ll be fine, they’re only ghouls!” She was not fine. She was not fine at all.

    Setting off her own and the elder malk’s derangement in a self-feeding loop that scared people.

    Selling a ventrue her own haven and ghoul info.

    Making Kyle’s life hell when he tried to force her to teach him obfuscate because she was still hella traumatized frm the ghouls using her as a juicebox experience.

    The cake prank. No ragrets.

    Edit: Almost forgot: unmasking in Elysium to harass baby toreador and ghouling a ventrue’s mortal ally for shits and grins.

  • Toreador Spine

    1. In my youth I bought the first books, it was intriguing, but I did not find friends interested.
      Years later, I found the books again in an old box in the attic and felt a bit nostalgic.
      After a Google search (in late october 2017), as many of us, I found Sanguinus and I had my first chat with Nik.
      And, as they say, The rest is history!

    2. The Gallery opening and the Death of Andrea Barber. I was playing Ruggero, a Toreador opera singer. He was in charge, competing with other Toreadors, of finding artists for the Gallery. It was one of my very firsts experience of roleplaying. It was very intense - not only for the scene, absolutely well described, but carefully planned in previous session: the search for an artist, meeting and courting her, planning a pleasant evening and the praises of my Primogen for finding a beautiful painting, and at last - the Party. Lights, chatting, music, carousing, the mortales leaving the place one by one and a final innocent test.
      Who will be the winner? who is the most gifted? Andrea won. And then, suddenly - the horror. The Nosferatu Prince, Maddox, materialized and squashed her head, right in front of Ruggero. It was not only filled with horror, but with guilt too: indeed HE lured Andrea to the party and vote to let her be the winner of the prize, so he was the indirect cause of her death.
      I remember the post-murder dialogue with Theodora, in the empty room still echoing of the scream of the kindreds fleeing scared, frightened to death but unable to leave the body of Andrea.

    P.S. I still wonder what kind of bet Maddox and Mason had, but I’m afraid that I’ll never know. Damn!

  • Toreador Spine

    @bek Baby Toreadors effectively scared. Ruggero consumed a barrel of hand sanitizer after shaking hands with Viola. and cannot still forget her knees and her tail 😄

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    So… one of my books is still in JFK airport stuck in customs! I want to wait to pick winners until ya know… I have ALL the stuff to give away! So this contest is still open if you wanna sound off for it!

  • I’ll actually withdraw my entry since I’ve got all three pdf’s, but it was fun to read all the rest.

  • I’m still in.

  • my body is ready

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    I am disqualify.

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    I’m here just for fun: I’ve already got the core book 😸

  • I already won, right? also, I have the corebook. Not the anarch, or cam, though!