Industrial Gang Influence Results

  • I figured I’d start this out.

    • Bureaucracy: Utilities aren’t hooked up and no owners - probably not even owned
    • Underworld: They don’t give a shit about some random new gang - haven’t had their property or businesses encroached on, I guess
    • Technology: Obviously nothing
    • Transportation: Nothing


  • (( LOL - Reznor ))

  • Police: Nothing. (Thank fuck)
    Legal: Nothing (See above)

    • Em

  • Blueprints?


  • Tucker,

    Blueprints aren’t available. I’m just getting a big fat nothing with this. Sorry.


  • Nothing filed with the city? What about archives, if they’re that old.

    • Em

  • Nothing.


  • What if I ask again in a slightly different way.

    • Em

  • I’ll go full Asian reading this.


  • Toreador Spine

    I’m trying to reach a contact from the faculty of Architecture, but I would not hold your breath on that, I’m not so connected yet.


  • Toreador Spine

    Dreadfully sorry, dears, no luck at all.


  • Hey all.

    I was able to get an old map of the sewer lines in the Industrial Park. It’s really old, though, so I don’t even know if it’s accurate anymore.

    Also I’ve put in the VIP section a large laminated satellite map of the area with some sharpies to write with. I’ve marked the two warehouses that Jake pointed out already.

    I’ve created the same for Blade on their request. Hector’s also paying for the map of the sewer lines. So there’s that. I kept a copy of the sewer map for us as well.


  • Both are good acquisitions. Can we map sewer entrances/exits to the satellite map?

    Looks as if influences won’t touch the place, so far. One guy killed at night, other one scared off by dogs. I’m still a fan of learning more before making further decisions. We can press influences more, but it might not be terribly productive.

    If we don’t want to get close, what about getting some eyes on the area with binoculars? Doesn’t have the noise problems of drones, don’t have to deal with the panic rune, and has low chance of being spotted by them if we can find a good vantage point. Even gives the spotter a chance to get out if they are somehow noticed. Just a thought.