Possible Post for the Sunday Workshops

  • Title: Vampire Workshop

    Hi everyone!

    I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to a vampire workshop! It will involve critical thinking and microphones, and some work on the IRC server as well!

    We will be holding perhaps 3-4 workshops on Sunday, February 17, depending on demand. We don’t want more than 4-5 players in each session, just so we can have a more personal feel to the whole thing.

    Here are some questions to think about before the workshop:

    • What was a typical day in your character’s mortal life?
    • In contrast, what is a typical night in your character’s Kindred life now?
    • Think in details. Do they go straight to the NightMarket or do they do other things?
      We encourage you to jot down some vague answers without giving specifics of your characters, so we can discuss them. 🙂

    These sessions will be run by me (Duh), Justin, and our Helpers, Panda, Zed, and Morton!

    I’ll post the sign up sheet for the various sessions very soon.



  • Looks great! If everyone is down, you can post it ^^

  • Storytellers

    works for me!