Vampire Workshop

  • Hi everyone!

    I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to a vampire workshop! It will involve critical thinking and microphones, and some work on the IRC server as well!

    We will be holding perhaps 3-4 workshops on Sunday, February 17, depending on demand. We don’t want more than 4-5 players in each session, just so we can have a more personal feel to the whole thing.

    Here are some questions to think about before the workshop:

    • What was a typical day in your character’s mortal life?
    • In contrast, what is a typical night in your character’s Kindred life now?
    • Think in details. Do they go straight to the NightMarket or do they do other things?
      We encourage you to jot down some vague answers without giving specifics of your characters, so we can discuss them. 🙂

    These sessions will be run by me (Duh), Justin, and our Helpers, Panda, Zed, and Morton!

    Here’s the sign up sheet, guys! Please don’t worry. If there is more interest than we have slots, we’ll be happy to hold a few more sessions.

    Open sheet in new tab


  • Hilt

    The purpose is to reveal these things about our character to each other or to not reveal these things to each other?

  • We will be providing, for each player, a character that we’ll have made. The pre-workshop exercice will help you think about how to answer these questions and when you get the character assigned for yourself in the Workshop, well, you’ll be able to answer them way better ^^

  • Toreador Spine

    At what time (EST) this workshop will be held?

  • @ruffin said in Vampire Workshop:

    At what time (EST) this workshop will be held?

    2, 5, and 8 est

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    This workshop is strongly encouraged by staff that everyone attends. Regardless of how long you have played the game, this workshop is something your fellow players took time to put together in order to showcase the style of game that they want to play and what us staff expects to see. So again, please sign up for one of these sesssions or if this day doesn’t work for you then reply to this thread saying so and we can schedule something that better fits your availability. We aren’t saying this is mandatory, but it kinda is…

  • Toreador Spine

    I will probably be out of city next Sunday, may I ask for another session?

  • The link currently gives me a file not found error. Just a heads up.

  • Thanks for letting me know.

    Open sheet in new tab

    Does this thing work?

  • I have an online DnD game that day, but HOPEFULLY it will be done by the start of the last workshop, you said it’d be VOIP instead of just IRC?

  • @dhampirlord It’ll involve both discord and IRC.

  • @ruffin said in Vampire Workshop:

    I will probably be out of city next Sunday, may I ask for another session?

    Once the initial sessions are completed there may be the capability to hold additional sessions for those who are unable to attend. A time frame of when that would happen has not been determined yet.

  • Hilt

    I have marked the one I can most likely do, and noted that I have an 80% chance of being able to attend. That’s the most solid of a plan I can promise right now.

    If that’s not solid enough, I completely understand, and you can delete me or ask me to delete me. Pinky swear fist bump twerk emoji.

  • It does in fact seem to work, and I have put my name down. Thanks!

  • Toreador

    I will definitely be attending. But the time I have selected might need to change to the 5-6 slot, depending.

  • Bumpity bump y’all!

  • Don’t forget to sign up. 2 days to go!

  • Had to change the time due to life. Might still be late to it though.

  • Bumping again cause this is tomorrow and we still have available spots in all 3 time slots.

  • Ok I signed up don’t know if i’ll be able to add anything