Sabbat Summary

  • I thought it might be useful to have a summary of what we know/don’t know

    Address: ::whatever it is:: and several warehouses in the immediate area

    Numbers: At least two. Allegedly one “speedy” and one “sneaky”. Yet to be confirmed. However, if these guys are like the sabbat of rumour there are likely several more

    Influence background check: Nothing, aside from them having killed one of TJ’s dudes

    Intentions: Complete disregard for the masquerade, agents of chaos? Sounds like the boogey-man sabbat. Even if they’re not, they’re an issue

    Security: At least two (likely ghouled) Rottweilers for day security. (Does this mean they might a gangrel with them?)

    Regardless, it’s time we get together and figure out what to do before this escalates from SNAFU to FUBAR. EVEN if their primary target is the tower to the west, these fucks could bring the Second Inquisition down on us, and needs to be dealt with.

    Hope this summary has been helpful. Feel free to amend.

    • Emmeric Durand

  • Agreed all around. Thanks, Emmeric!

    Even if they are here more for the tower than us, their noise is a danger to everyone once they get going. At least I assume so, since I mostly only know rumors - and all of them are damn bad. They’ll either bring the tower into our part of town, or the 2nd Inquisition, and we don’t want either of those.

    Given their defense, I think it is clear that sending in humans to do a lick’s job might not work. We’re going to have to get our hands dirty, meaning gathering info on the place, info on their capabilities, and removing them ourselves.

    They’re in Blade turf, but this is a barony-wide problem to solve. If anyone else has info or intel, speak up ASAP. But for fuck’s sake, don’t go in there (or anywhere around there) on your own.