• There was an apparently attempt to draw attention to the area of AIDS beach by the “sabbat” tonight. Shots were fired, and some mortals were mutilated by motor vehicles.

    The Police have been informed of an outbreak of “gang violence” fueled by meth heads. Bodies were left at the scene with approval by the Emissary.

    The SPINE will be monitoring this situation intensively for any possible developments that may lead to a breach. HOWEVER, I feel strongly that the narrative provided to the police to be plausible, especially if the Emissary believed the bodies left on the beach would not be fruitful in indicating our presence.

    We will continue to monitor police chatter, and influence any media coverage if required. We’re on it. I believe we should meet post haste to plan to route these fuckers out, before they cause a breach that would overtax our abilities, still fledgling, to cope with them.

    • Emmeric Durand
      First responder from the Spine, with assistance from Reznor
      Feb 13, 2019

  • Thanks for the work last night, Emmeric & Reznor.

    People, as I’m sure you’ve seen and heard there was more tonight. They’re playing with fire, literally. Expect to take action soon, please make yourselves available to help squash this shit ASAP.

    And be fucking careful. They obviously know where people go. This means they may know where you go when its beddy bye time. Take precautions. Over communicate with your allies about where you are and what’s going on. And if you got any useful info, this is not the time to play secrets.

    Stay safe,