• The Collective is down. The Blade has been hit too; their gym is burned down. Fire is rampant tonight, be safe. My number is :: number :: check-in here, and text me to make sure everyone is safe.

    TJ is heated up. He put out a call in the Book for a posse and intends to deal with the industrial park Intruders tomorrow night. Looks like Alex, Hector, and Michael will be joining them. Time or location of meeting is TBD.

    Looks like someone mucked up and led them straight to us. Hilt has not been hit yet, and they were not at the meeting on Monday. Seems as if they might have been watching us from the meeting, so take care.


  • Please be prepared to leverage your influences this evening. Police, transportation, media.

    I will be attending the excursion as my crowning achievement and one bit of non-blight in this city was destroyed. If for some reason (though I do not expect it) I do not return, Emmeric will assume leadership of the Spine.


  • Toreador Spine

    My media influence are all set, Tucker. It’s very likable that any news of combat will skipped or reduced to a simple score settling among organized crime groups.


  • Ready with Transportation - hopefully it’s enough to do what needs to be done.
    Underworld is untapped.

    I won’t be able to tap into Bureau and Tech for a while.


  • If you think you’re going without me I’d better be staked somewhere first.

    • Em

  • Toreador Spine

    ((I’m not able to play tonight - but please use Delia’s influence in old media via ST if needed for any breach 😞 ))

  • Tucker and Emmeric,

    I made the offer in the book, but if either of you want or need 9mm for tonight, you can borrow it for a trivial. If it is lost or destroyed, you will owe a minor favor to me instead.

    If High Society or Finance is needed for something (I don’t see how though, but you never know) let me know.

  • I’m packing my own, thanks though.

    • Em