Plus News- Buildings targeted by fire overnight

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    PLUS NEWS - INTRO – 00:11
    — Carlos Marques

    Branton was the site of two overnight fires confirmed to be have been arson. Several people were injured and 2 were killed.

    The first fire was at The Collective Art Gallery in Midtown. Two people were killed, and several bystanders were injured. The names of the dead were not released pending notification of their families. A worker at The Collective reported that he was in the lobby when bullets shattered the windows and projectiles were thrown through. Two people who were killed had their clothing set alight and the surviving worker stated, “I tried to help them but it was too late and I had to run.”

    Structural damage is extensive and The Collective is currently closed pending investigation by the Fire Marshalls.

    Another building was attacked by fire bombs in Seven Points. This building had just been foreclosed upon and was the site of a gym. Damage is extensive but no one was injured in this attack.

    Investigations are pending and results will be released when completed.