Let me get this straight-

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    We have known there is Sabbat in the city. We know roundabouts where they are. We knew there were at least 2 and 2 probably ghouled dogs. But we have YET to scout and get confirmation from our own eyeballs on anything else.

    We have a whole (pretty big) Coterie whose sole responsibility is to scout and fight. Yet, we have no scouting reports. We have several people in the city who can move stealthily and quietly, some in other Coteries that can be utilized.

    In a city full of bleeding hearts and near-human Vampires, I am shocked that seeing 4 mortals rundown and mangled by two SUVs outside one of our Markets has not triggered your special snowflake fee-fees.

    We have lost The Collective for the time being now, a building I myself had an interest in. But it is also a building that was the site of many vampiric events, gatherings, and meetings. Two additional mortals have been killed.

    But NOW, only when two big, bad vampires get shot at and singed, do we have a “fuck this shit!” going on.

    So, to all of you Humans-who-happen-to-drink-blood pussies, get to work. Get eyes on the Sabbat and engage if possible. If it doesn’t happen tonight, I myself will lead a group to do it. I can hear you all going passive aggressive now and saying I should do that and you will stand down, but it is not my job. We have a group that should have already moved and not spent a week “gathering information” - which apparently doesn’t include actually LOOKING WITH YOUR OWN EYES. I have provided training things, I have offered any help needed with equipment. Yet, our fighters and scouts have yet to scout in order to fight.

    We have three coteries whose jobs are carefully curated and cultivated. It’s kind of telling that at the first sign of a threat, the fighters sit on their hands and flex influence, rather than move.

    And you all want to move to take out the Tower. HA!

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • C’mon, Felicia. Things are being done.

    1. Scouting was being done. Scout got eaten. Recognize that they know we’re coming.

    2. Started investigating plans of attack.

    • Your Emissary asked me to get plans and work on potential alternate avenues (i.e., sewer). In a night’s time, and with Reznor’s good help, that was done. Reviewed with Aidan and Darien, presented rough plan to present to Coterie Leaders. Not sure that was done.
    1. Next night, random assholes show up. Following night, ‘random’ assholes show intimate knowledge and preparation of sensitive Kindred operations, which begs a shit-load of questions.

    2. At all points we’re urged caution and discretion, and then suddenly it’s all “what the fuck you been doing??”

    Do what the 'grel do - name a fucking warlord for the moment and tell everyone to follow that lead until it’s done. All this independent diplomacy just keeps ending in bitch-fests.

    Also, try to figure out how a ‘brand new’ group of assholes has such an intimate knowledge of our operations. Someone’s talking - or talked.

    Also, rev up the suppression engine, because if this is a firebomb party (and my fiery ass says that yes, yes it is), it’s going to be loud and messy.

    • Hector

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    A mortal was sent. Not a Vampire who may know what to expect and has supernatural abilities at their disposal.

    Mortals being used is a coward’s way. They only know we are coming because a mortal was used. I have heard about the investigating that has been going on. These Sabbat have been here less than a week, that is why there is no information to be had. But I have also seen it reported that it’s not because they are small and new but are in fact big and heavily entrenched. Yes, that was said. I mean, it couldn’t possibly be a small, weak group who we can easily handle, could it? naaaaa, couldn’t be that. But they killed one mortal and tagged a few buildings and suddenly they are Mafia-SonsofAnarchy sized and powerful.

    But with each night we sit and “investigate plans of attack” they CAN become stronger and more deeply entrenched. Sabbat tend to mass embrace for sieges. Yes, they go out and kill a mass of humans and turn them into vampires and set them loose in order to take over a city. Each night we wait is a night closer to them doing that because it’s clear from the little that has been done against them means we are weak and ripe for sieging.

    I am not military-minded, that is why I have a coterie of warriors and scouts, but even I can see sitting on our hands, clutching our pearls and “investigating” is useless without actually putting eyes on the prize- you know eyes that can be supernaturally enhanced, possibly in the bodies of vampires that can be supernaturally stealthily, and if engaged, can be supernaturally fast and strong and resilient.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

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    Oh and PS: Since you suggested it- Welcome to being Warlord, Hector. Now, move.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

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    Does that make Hector in charge of Blade now since that whole group should be doing what a “warlord” does? Just asking in case if any of us need anything from Blade.


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    Up to them.


  • I’m ready to do some scouting tonight. I asked if anyone else was stealthy enough to come along as Tucker was fabricating a plan to use resources first but I was shut tf down because god forbid if we anticipate and prepare in advance.

    Those that can use obfuscate to remain unseen while moving, fucking contact me and we’ll head out. I know I ain’t Blade but fuck this. I’ve been reporting this shit from day one and right now we’re sitting ducks. I think— no, I know they know more about us. And they’re succeeding in spreading panic and chaos. Gj.


  • @brain

    TJ’s in charge of Blade - period. I guess I’m Project Manager for Fucking Shit Up, Valentine’s Day Edition.

    We’re not scouting anymore - we’re hitting back. Any further scouting is bound to be intercepted.

    Planning in other thread.

    • Hector, PMFSU,VDE

  • Should of hit them back when i mentioned it. But no every one wanted to wait around with there dicks in there hand. The original plan was one group go into scout, have back up a block away and let every one know that we where going to scout. Also have them ready to run interference with the cops and news. But you know every one chicken out, to lets use influence to find out more information.


  • What the fuck are you saying this shit for? Time’s past for coulda/shoulda/woulda and the bitch-fest needs to stop NOW.

    So you were right, maybe. Wooo! Here’s a fucking cookie. Now suit up, 'cause shit’s real. Frank, I know you can tear shit up. We’re counting on you. I fully expect you’ll kick ass and uphold the big rep you folks have. So eyes on the prize, dude.

    Also, this applies to everyone: Past arguments about this are done Right. Fucking. Now. We’ve bogged down in territorial pissing games and oneupsmanship. Save it for the after-party.

    The person you might be pissy at right now might just save your ass tonight - and you save theirs. We’re all on the same team now.

    Let’s roll.

    • Hector, PMFSU, VTE

  • Then let’s go right now. There is no time better than the present. ((I have to pick up my daughter at 3 pst, after i pick her up i can be there))


  • Hilt Unbound

    In the future, it may be more efficient for us to decide that the head of the Blade is elevated to Warlord during times of immediate war (as distinct from our perpetual war with the tower, for example, so that this policy doesn’t lead to an unending elevation of power). This will help prevent conflicting expectations like we’ve just had with the the Spine and Baron requiring opposite things of people.


  • @onyx

    Anja, that may be a good idea, but sounds like the Baron doesn’t want to waste any more time figuring out Roberts’ Rules for Kicking Ass. Maybe for next time.

    This isn’t a power bounce; it’s “Get Shit Done” time.

    TJ’s in charge of Blade. Anyone who fights topside - and that includes the sewer crew when we emerge - answers to him in battle or don’t come at all. I’m in charge of planning tonight, apparently. But if TJ goes down, then I call that you answer to me, for this fight Sound good?

    The Baron and Coterie heads can decide whatever procedure they want later.

    • Hector

  • I will be both present for the excursion and stand ready to clean up the mess thereafter.

    Spine is ready.

    I’ll save my thoughts for the jabs on this thread for a later date.


  • Hilt Unbound


    Yes, next time, of course. My recommendation was only about next time. I think you and I agree completely. As the kids say these days, “Respect ftw.”


  • Unbound

    I will also be there. These fuckwits are fucked.

    • Emmeric Durand