What's Left?

  • Have we…

    •decided on a scenario to run for the players?

    •determined what characters to have players use in the scenario?

    •come up with anything specific we want to touch?

    •taken a second look at what we are presenting to see if there’s anything else we want to add?

  • For the scenario, if I ain’t mistaken, we were gonna run them through a classic Night Market situation where they should interact and plot against/with each others.

    For the characters, yours seems adequate, so we just need to tweak them, give 'em positions or titles and relationship with each others.

    For what we might add or modify, we will see it in the meeting and dry run tonight ^^

  • With the limited amount of time we are working with, should we be giving them something to drive the plot of the scenario? For example they all receive a text to arrive at the location at a certain time. After a few minutes of small talk Camille and Melesha emerge from a back room. Camille smiles at the group and says to no one in particular “Lovely to see you again” and they both leave. To their knowledge none of the other Licks in the room have met her. Moments after they leave an authority figure (Felicia, Aidan, Mr Johnson, etc) step out of the same room and accuses one of them of with The Tower. This provides the a catalyst to interact and plot with/against each other as they have to show that they aren’t the guilty party (although they just might be) instead of breaking out a board game and playing scrabble or something. To go towards this we can give each character an interaction with the Camarilla and a reason to suspect one of the others of working with them as well.

  • Well, we’ve already builded some interactions and chose four of your characters for the workshop. You can check 'em out on the Google Doc. We (Duh and me) would prefer if we let the players run “wild” by letting them figure out how to fulfill their character’s goals and ambitions.