Rules changes for projects

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Art, research, computers (hardware/software), etc they are all going to be streamlined into a single unified ruleset. Your total amount of rolls will be your base dicepool (just attribute+skill etc. Spec and backgrounds will only apply to the dice rolls) and the maximum dice rolls per week will be two. So if you have a dicepool of 6, you can roll 2 times every week for 3 weeks. Instead of the amount of successes determining how good your project is, it will be how many rolls have passed a difficulty of 3. The amount of passes you need to get to each tier will be as follows: 0-1 passes will be “terrible”, 2-3 will be “amateurish”, 4-5 will be “good” and 6+ will be “masterpiece”

    You can only work on one project at a time. You may pause a project to work on another.

    All current projects that are being worked on will be operated on the old rules until they are completed.