Serial Killer

  • Since we finally had some open discussion between people, I’m starting this so we can keep this up.

    Things we know about the serial killer’s targets:
    All have been: brunette, young, female, have been taken from the brewery area (including beauty college one), and have happened mid month.

    Things that may be of interest to check out about current missing people/former targets.:
    Tattoos, missing body parts (kidneys?)

    If anyone has noticed other potential connections, say so. Let’s try to keep communications on this particular matter open since we all, or most of us, seem to be working on it. Should help us all not retrace over steps uselessly and get nowhere.


  • It’s a dentist. I have a list of potential dental clinics in the Breweries area which have not been investigated yet.

    With the description in the news it’s even easier to narrow this shit down.

    Also… who’s this cainite in purple? Good job blending in, buddy.


  • Savage, what makes you certain it’s a dentist? If it is a dentist, then I am a fan of checking it out and getting this taken care of.

    As far as the guy in purple, I will let them speak for themselves.


  • Some people were talking about breaking into those dentist offices to check records. I don’t remember who, but Anja mentioned something about prepping them a USB drive to download the dentists’ files. Make sure we don’t have multiple groups barging around there.

    As for the ‘why is it a dentist’ bit - I think because they used a common numbing thing available to dentists, and some of the medical training because of how the organs were removed. I think. If we have more evidence for that please speak up.


  • Yeah, we had a vision. Could feel the numbing and how we got sliced open. Me and TJ investigates a dental office already. If you need my list, let me know.


  • Numbing agents and medical incisions would indicate someone with medical expertise. A dentist is a possibility, but also perhaps Saint Jude’s comes to mind. However, investigating the dentist angle first should be easier.

    Please provide the list, and let’s keep this ball rolling.


  • Storytellers

    New report said it was an overweight bald blonde dude in his 40’s who had good teeth. How many dentist match that description? Can’t be too hard to pull those kinda records, dentist gotta be licensed right? Shouldn’t that kinda shit be public records or something?

  • Adding this in, in case the dentist doesn’t work out, or it helps other’s investigations. The two latest victims do not appear to have any tattoos of any kind.

    I will do some looking into dentists while we wait for the list as well.


  • Hilt

    That matters. Thank you.

  • Reznor did some looking and put together this list of dentistries. They are as follows:
    Shine Bright Dental, Park Practise, Roseberry Dental Practise, Dent-o-Fix

    Savage, what are the ones on the list you compiled? Also, you said you hit an office already? Which one, and did you recover any useful information?


  • I don’t want to take the credit here. I was given the list by Cassie, who I think received the list from Savage.


  • Thank you for giving credit where it is due then, Reznor. And thanks to Cassie and Savage for passing on the information.

    Anja, what is the time line on the USB drive?

    If there is a plan to use the USB on a particular office, which one will be investigated?

    There are four offices to check out, so we could look into several at the same time. I checked online for employee photographs and did not find any for the dentistries listed, so I couldn’t narrow it down that way. Another option could be sending retainers during the day for a cleaning. See if any of these practices have an employee that matches the description that way. Suggestions are welcome.


  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Question, and call me silly for asking but- What happens if or when you find him?

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • @malevolence

    The dog finally catches the car! (and then wonders ‘now what?’)

    We left a gap in our clean-up of the Warehouse raid. Big news stories with multiple arson cases, a half dozen dead Kine (and inquiring families to go along with them). And tho’ not mentioned in the news, plenty of people probably saw the SUVs bomb around and now they’ve just disappeared. And now - total blanks to be maybe filled in by those curious and motivated people.

    I see it as something to consider when something like this happens again ('cause it will). And always remember those air bubbles in the wallpaper - ripple effects. Do we ‘collateral damage’ some gangers and strew ‘em about as an explanation? Well, now a street gang is pissed and mighty curious about why their brothers and cousins an’ such were used and abused.

    If anyone moves on the killer, there should probably be a fall-guy primed and ready. Or even the truth, nicely tied up in a bow with no pesky loose ends.

    And here’s where I stop telling folks’ grandmas how to suck eggs. (I always thought that axiom was kinda gross). Just something I’ve mused about in reflectin’ on the raid.

    • Hector

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    At last, someone besides me who thinks “in the round.” Look ahead, behind, to the side, 10 steps ahead and a year, two year, ten years ahead. Always consider every angle and clean up your mess.

    Felicia O’Neill. Baron.

  • And by the way, I’m not pointing fingers. If anything, it was me calling the shots. Now comes the learnin’ part.

    Maybe we should find some street dregs and ghoul ‘em up to keep as a John Doe Pool for fall-guys. Folks nobody’d miss and are halfway out the door already. (Christ that’s fucking horrible! But a bit o’ ecstasy before they croak wouldn’t hurt - can it? Dammit, now I need to go rinse my brain in Listerine - yes, it’s detachable!)

    An’ if the SUVs of Doom aren’t too far gone (they looked like they became Undead Klown Kars), let ‘em be “accidentally found” - like, off the docks in the bay or somethin’. Or inexpertly torched.

    • Hector

  • Tying it up nicely in a bow and having someone with police influence make a suggestion for them to check out the perpetrator, with evidence of course, would seem to be the ideal scenario. It is something I have considered. I intend to check and make sure it is doable.

    I did some digging of my own again, and I have managed to compile a list of employees at three of the four dentistries. I can not guarantee their completeness, but it’s the best I can do for now.

    At Shine Bright Dental: Lance Cooper, Principal Dentist. Elijah Simms, Principal Dentist. Ellis Johnson, Senior Dental Nurse. Maria Eibenova, Senior Dental Nurse (Decontamination Lead). Sylvia Nicolau, Practise Administrator. Philip Outou, Receptionist.

    At Park Practise: Michael Goldsmith, Principal Dentist. Terry Stevens, Associate Dentist. Sarah Sloane, Senior Dental Nurse. Jeffrey MacAdams, Senior Dental Nurse. Lucy Smith, Receptionist. Rani Malik, Practise Administrator.

    At Roseberry Dental Practise: Geoffrey Kline, Principal Dentist. Steven Taylor, Principal Dentist. Edward Romano, Associate Dentist. Mark Moscowitz, Senior Dental Nurse. Robert Hargaden, Dental Nurse. Laura Ashman, Practise Administrator. Ayesha Stevens, Receptionist.

    Dent-O-Fix: I couldn’t find anything on their staff, but they do have quite a robust facebook page. Most of their staff seem to be Indian.

    I tried to find social media profiles for the employees, but haven’t made much headway yet. My thought is, we can narrow it down to those with dentistry experience and can likely ignore Receptionists. Someone with more computer or investigation experience than me could probably find their social media profiles. If any of them look like the guy described in the article, we might have a match on the serial killer.


  • I looked for the social media accounts of members of the Roseberry Dental Clinic:
    Geoffrey Kline, Steven Taylor, Edward Roman, and Mark Moscowitz do not fit the description we are looking for. Robert Hargaden doesn’t have any pictures so who knows.

    Will work on more later.


  • So on this topic of staying under the radar… A couple observations.

    We have a lot of people looking into this now.
    We’re looking into a murderer that appears to be completely mundane.
    We have no evidence they’ve targeted any supernaturals, nor know of any supernatural existence.
    Our actions have worked to accelerate the murderer’s work (as noted by his most recent note before he took these two girls).
    As the case gets more attention, the likelihood of our own actions running into those of the authorities is growing.

    I know we don’t like the attention this sort of shit brings in our turf, but is this really something we should have so many people chasing? The risk of getting caught just seems to be getting higher the more involved we get.

    Or is there some evidence that shows any relation to the non-mundane that I missed? I mean, we could also use him as a scapegoat for other stuff, too, but it might be too obvious given how serial killers usually work.

    (I’m not saying this should be dropped completely - but we have a lot of people on this, and I think we’re drastically increasing the chances of a breach rather than decreasing.)


  • The problem is that he’s shitting on the stuff we eat. Plus it draws too much fucking attention from the cops.

    Do you wanna fix this yourself, Alex? Since it’s on your turf?