Clarification re: Projects

  • Hilt

    Here’s Copypasta of New Project Rules for ease of access:

    • Art, research, computers (hardware/software), etc they are all going to be streamlined into a single unified ruleset. Your total amount of rolls will be your base dicepool (just attribute+skill etc. Spec and backgrounds will only apply to the dice rolls) and the maximum dice rolls per week will be two. So if you have a dicepool of 6, you can roll 2 times every week for 3 weeks. Instead of the amount of successes determining how good your project is, it will be how many rolls have passed a difficulty of 3. The amount of passes you need to get to each tier will be as follows: 0-1 passes will be “terrible”, 2-3 will be “amateurish”, 4-5 will be “good” and 6+ will be “masterpiece”
    • You can only work on one project at a time. You may pause a project to work on another.
    • All current projects that are being worked on will be operated on the old rules until they are completed.

    Mood is just triple checking for make sure purposes, happy style:

    1. So like, a hacker, just as an example, would be able to do at most 1 hack-thing per 3 weeks, assuming they needed all they jobs to be at Master level for silly reasons like Masquerade stuff, and assuming they always completed one job before starting the next, right? And sane fir painters, like at most one Toreador-worthy painting per 3 weeks? And our characters kinda know that, right? That if, say, a character came to, maybe, a hacker, and wanted them to do a job, they’d know it would prolly take 3 weeks and not be a thing that can be done overnight? All examples are chosen at random, obv.
    2. Any thoughts on scaling the needed passes to the task? Or would it be scaling the diff of the rolls? Or just like naw, that’s too much overhead?