Predators & Self-Deception

  • Hilt

    Re: @malevolence 's awesome post on Predators being bad, bad people.

    1. Genius post. All of my yes.

    2. To what degree can we play our characters as rationalizing and genuinely convincing themselves that they’re not evil monsters, that what theyre doing is different, that they’re one of the good ones, etc.? I ask because on the one hand, all (most) the predator types kind of have that in their writings, but on the other hand, if everyone plays that way, there’s a huge risk that it will amount to what is actually a high humanity game (just with peeps not having dots that match what they play). So I ask because of the combo of [the ST’s being clear that they want us to play dark] + [self-deception and rationalization being a key part of the gradual decay of humanity and a big part of the personal horror of it all] + [all predator types are definitely terrible freaking people].