On Slavery & the Cowardice of Lesser (wo)men.

  • I figured I should start a new page concerning this, rather than polluting a thread about resolution, which has already been muddied by the theories of a crackpot woman and her inability to speak with the slightest ounce of courage.

    There has been a claim thrown out there by Anja that I have three slaves - Emmeric, Reznor, and Claire. And unlike her, I actually believe in addressing things head on and am proud of my actions concerning each individual, along with my contributions to this city and the Barony.

    So, to add some clarity – I’ll address each below:

    Claire was a fool, an idiot who couldn’t get out of her own way, who was wrapped up in the cowardice of such individuals as Angelo and Nora (see how that went). After a heated exchange, I tried to take her under my wing and make her the best possible Toreador she could be. She failed, so we cut ties and she fled the city like a coward.

    Reznor was everyone’s favorite Caitiff. Everyone in this city adored him, despite his problematic lineage. Meanwhile, I actually took the time to dig deeper while remaining skeptical - to see what may reside beyond the unfortunate realities of a terrible embrace. During that time, I realized that Reznor was no doubt a Toreador, and stepped forward while the rest of you did not and endured scrutiny to welcome him back amongst his family. Reznor is far from any sort of slave, but he will be instructed by his clan in our ways and is under our protection not enslavement. However, Reznor, you are welcome to pipe off here if you feel like you’re a simple whipping boy as Anja described.

    And lastly, I shall address the most important relationship in Anja’s cowardly barb, Emmeric.

    Emmeric and I both possess such a deep connection for one another that I suspect none of you can comprehend it. But, to directly address the rumors, I am his and he is mine. Rather than a “slave” relationship, this represents the deepest mutual trust that any of us can have. Furthermore, it means (as have been demonstrated) that if any of you fuck with him, I will ruin you. And I know and believe the same is true for him.

    Why did I bother to address the cowardly rumblings of a foolish crackpot, you ask? Well, the matter is simple. You all too easily wish to paint the sad story of victimology when someone points out that you’re fools. Yes, I will do this; yes, I will continue to do this. This is the nature of the critic, which challenges each of us to become better and less pathetic and wretched than we all are.

    It is a simple and easy fantasy that I am some slave holder who is out to piss in your soda. The deeper reality, and the one which folks like Anja desperately want to avoid, is that I say what I say because it reflects the reality of your poor decisions.
    Furthermore, I am actually able to gain allies (not slaves) who support that, unlike someone whose insipid commentary gets characterized as “white noise” by members of her own coterie.

    Grabbing, speaking from, and loving that taint,

  • Hilt

    Regarding my having waited to clarify my terminology:
    I didn’t initially answer your question because I didn’t want to derail the discussion that was very close to drawing to a close. People had already had a seizure in response to my statement that I suspected a supernatural element in response to others’ wondering as to whether the right mortal had been apprehended, and I didn’t feel that my perception that you were trying to white wash the mistakes of those you own by amplifying mine was of central importance to the Discussion at hand.

    Do bear in mind the sequence of events when deciding that you know so perfectly what is in my heart.
    One provides evidence that we might have the wrong man.
    I propose a few possible explanations for this.
    Folks yell at me.
    You tell everyone that some of the most salient evidence presented came about entirely because of me, and definitely not because of anyone else.
    I point out your deflection there.
    You stop the train to talk about my word choice, and insist that the issue is cowardice.
    I clarify with as little fanfare as possible.
    You give a write a large speech redoubling the claim that the central issue here is cowardice and insanity on my part.

    These high school spats you like to start with me are not a requirement, Tucker. Feel free to calm down at your leisure.


  • Aka Victimology. See above points.

    Girl, you got no credibility with anyone. I’m the least of your concerns.


  • Hilt

    Another conversational double bind, just like all the others? How refreshing. Don’t you think this little obsession you’ve had with me since October is getting old? What about me could possibly be so alluring to someone as emotionally healthy as you?


  • Anja,

    The entire point of this thread is as a result of your accusation that I had slaves, but perhaps that’s a convient dismemory of seniality. You can’t expect to throw out barbs like that and have them go unanswered. Stop acting like a childe, none of us enjoy it.


  • I’m not sure I follow your logic, Anja. Are we slaves cause of coterie or cause of clan? Does that make you Tia or Cassie’s slave?!?

    Maybe you should wear Depends on your face.

    Proud Toreador

  • Storytellers


    First off fuck you for just tossing around the word slaves all causal and shit to try and distract from your stupid ass theories.

    Second, my cousin died from seizure so fuck you again.

    Third, I don’t know what salient means but you didn’t provide shit for evidence. Darien and Cassie are the ones that found Tiff. (I know cause I the one who showed up to help when they found it), it was Cassie who had the vision that was so strong it leaked out to the rest ya Broken Mirrors to put us onto the dentist thing. (once again, I know cause I was there when she had it and watched her live through the horror of it repeatedly), it was Wes and Kaelem who heard the scream and ran out to stop the guy and get his description, it was Jake that got the dude’s plates when we saw him at one of the dentist office and followed him to his car (yup was there again too), Bettie that got the fucker’s address of the plates, and Emmeric who got his ass arrested. How the fuck does your dumbass think you provided anything along the way that helped make any of that shit happen?
    Fourth, STOP with this demon related shit! You had some idiotic idea that it was a good thing for 3rd Floor or Flower or Fucking whatever they called to look into the Southside Devil cause what the fuck could go wrong with having people look into a breach that was already cleaned up? Then you said not to kill Hemlock cause he might have some demon possessing him or some shit that would be released. Now your stupid ass is talkin’ like there’s some demon out there doin’ this shit instead of some sick fucker. Enough with stupid devil related bullshit already!

    Lastly, Fuck You for making me pointing out that Tucker is right. He may be a long winded fucking asshole about it when he criticizing a Lick, but he’s right about it. I hate to admit it but he ain’t off when he calling mother fucker’s out and I include myself in the club of idiots that he called out. So maybe shut your dumbass up and learn to take responsibility for your fuck ups instead of spewing your verbal diarrhea tryin’ and failin to justify your mistakes.

    ::below his name is two poorly drawn middle fingers.::

  • 0_1551008778707_598319_1.jpg

    ::Stuck just below TJ’s post, with Emmeric Durand scrawled on its margins::

  • Hilt

    I made several mistakes here.

    • I focused to heavily on a particular event in which it appeared Emmeric was socially owned, and forgot that the adoration between him and Tucker was mutual.

    • While trying to point out a deflection on the part of Tucker, I allowed him to use me in further deflections. As a side note, I find myself wondering whether that is verbal aikido or verbal ju jitsu. In trying to answer one of his barbs directed at me, I allowed him to kite me along, much the way that I had allowed him and Reznor to kite me along a few weeks ago. I’d say it won’t happen again, but they’ve demonstrated that they are more skilled than I in this art. Hit me up the next time you want me to provide a social diversion, and we can make it even more entertaining.

    • I used two unwise metaphors, namely those of slavery and seizures. That won’t happen again.

    • Even when trying to let my theory of demon possession drop, I failed to bury it completely. How many times did I try to drop it, and how many times was I accused of keeping it alive? Truly fascinating. I’ll have to find a better way of officially declaring a theory dead.

    • I angered TJ, whom I greatly respect.

    It’s certainly been educational.


  • What a staggering non-apology, you gas-lighting wind bag. Turn a page or two back in the book and read through your own words on the subject of the “buried” demon theory.

    “Oh, poor me. I’m just a senile old lady who loved Supernatural, and Angel. Look at how this nasty socialites are picking on me for things I said, but didn’t mean. Please, won’t someone help me?”

    Listen, bish, if anyone’s possessed by a demon, its you. Now do us a favor - cut out your tongue and break your fingers. No one is buying your nonsense.

    But I’ll tell you what. You’re beginning to remind me of another Malkavian. She was a bit more subtle than you, and well, smarter. Keep it up, old Nora. I won’t get fooled again.


    A Slave.

  • Hilt

    Here was where I started trying to let the theory drop. It’s was a response to Felicia, who had just said that thd killer was a singular mortal (that’s a paraphrase).

    @onyx said in The Creep:

    Always a possibility.
    Just not how it appears to me at this time for reasons we have gone over before.
    Same points, different constellations.
    I do understand how you got to your conclusion, for reasons we have gone over before.
    You might well be correct.


    Sub-point. It isn’t an apology, correct. It’s an acknowledgement of mistakes and a statement of intent to do better in the future. I don’t really believe in apologies, as they amount to an attempt to alleviate one’s own anxieties by trying to change the feelings of the other party. I do others the respect of allowing them to take responsibility for their own feelings.

    To me it is performance issue. My performance and execution were problematic. Apologizing would occluded that matter by shifting the focus to your feelings.

    I’ll give more blunt declarations of dropping a theory in the future.
    I’ll use better metaphors.
    I’ll try not to be kited along like this (though we know how that will go).
    I’ll try to do a better job of pointing out deflections whIle not becoming one myself (see above).

    Like I said, it’s been educational.


  • Mmmm. Good luck with that.

    • E. Durand

  • @onyx said in On Slavery & the Cowardice of Lesser (wo)men.:

    To me it is performance issue. My performance and execution were problematic. Apologizing would occluded that matter by shifting the focus to your feelings.

    Dear Antique Network Java Applet,

    Since you are likening yourself to a computer, maybe you should change out the faulty hard drive with a newer one, and perhaps more RAM would do you some good, so that you’re faster on the uptake. Maybe take Norton Antivirus out of there, too… I’m sure it doesn’t help with catching those viruses that are obviously running through your circuits. Good lords, maybe take that shitty Microsoft OS out of there, and switch to Linux.

    Don’t mean to break this to you in such a blunt manner, but you’re not a computer, as much as you’d like to hide behind that, I’m sure. None of that shit is going to help you get away with this display of emotional maturity akin to a toddler’s.

    Now… to something else I wanted to bring up, which is actually important. I am grateful to Tucker for taking the time to research and find the truth of my embrace. Nobody has taken the time before to do that, and that he saw past the word Caitiff and did his research speaks volumes to me. Does this mean I’m his slave? No. However, now that I know of my lineage, and for the first time in my unlife, have the protection and care of my clan, you will find that I am fiercely loyal to them all, and my gratitude will forever remain with the man with the vision to look in the first place. I feel, in no way, enslaved or a whipping boy, and all the things you see me do, I’ve done by my own free will.

    So that being said, I’d like to take another moment to point out that somebody has been trying to undermine Tucker’s abilities as a leader when he has been one of the more vocal, and forthright coterie leaders in the city. Even TJ (who that entity apparently respects) spoke of his insights, and clarity. Yes, perhaps it’s a little rough around the edges at times, but passionate about serving this city and continuing to keep it safe. He’s done a lot more than the one attempting to undermine his authority.

    As for Emmeric, everyone’s favourite villain (like Gaston), the guy is my brother now, so back the fuck off of trying to minimize his contributions as well. You’ll never find anybody more loyal. He’s also quick-thinking and brutally honest. Ugh. Making me complement him in public. So now you know.

    In conclusion, Clan Toreador sends our finest regards to A.N.J.A. May your upgrade be swift and sweeping, and we hope your files aren’t too corrupt to save already.


  • Storytellers

    I think we can say this horse is now well and truly dead. No need to beat it anymore. I’m kinda sick and tired of having a foolishness-induced cluster headache every time I open this book. The lesson to be learned here: know when to shut the fuck up.

    My sincere congratulations and props to those of y’all who helped catch the serial killer.

    Now lets take the good parts of this debacle and move on to working together more and helping make this city a stronger place. Building up our defences so we can protect our shit from those who’d take it from us and destroy it - hell, so that one day we can push out the assholes already occupying our Branton. Making this city a place we can be proud of - no, Clan Toreador, I don’t mean gentrification - much as I love y’all, but we do need to cultivate this place and make our Barony a force to be reckoned with. Not endless drama and bullshit and conspiracy whackadoo nonsense, but the cohesive mature city of Anarch Cainites that I know we can be.

    To quote that twenty-something pop star who’s trying to make ‘sexy toddler’ a thing…Thank u, next.

    • Tia

  • Ariana Grande. Big thing, small package. I’d eat her.

    • Em

  • Tia,

    I would respectfully posit that the best way to move past something is a true and sincere apology - take for example, the apology offered by Cassie to you after she insulted you or Reznor and Emmeric’s apologies to the Baron. The matter, as is, is not closed and people have the right to be pissed.

    In this matter, we are dealing with an individual whom insulted multiple individuals and refuses to offer actual apologies for her actions. Instead, she continues to blabber on and further insult the very people who you argue should be taking the higher ground.

    Furthermore, it is no secret that the Toreador wish to make better areas within the city, but I’m a bit confused as to why it was brought up in your reply - especially as the individuals who were insulted and the entirety of Clan Toreador contributed to both ending the Sabbat threat and bringing the killer matter to a close. Surely, I suspect, you recognize our dedication to the city and Barony.

    So, due to the lack of proper apology and because of these efforts, I fully expect individuals to reply to insults to their dignity and honor, as others have done in the past for different missteps.

    With respect,

  • Storytellers

    My comment about gentrification was a joke to lighten the tone.

    But I guess it, as well as my point, were missed. My message was a positive one, congratulating a bunch of your coterie and clan and talking of moving forward. I don’t give a shit about your personal beef with Anja, she started the mess, she can finish it, she’s an adult - I’m not going to defend her on this nor fight her battles for her, and have made my opinion on the entire argument quite fucking clear.

    My message was not an attack to you.

    • T

  • Thank you for the clarification, rest assured, Tucker has been disarmed. Speaking of lightening tones, I didn’t get a chance to tell you… girl, your hair looked fucking FIERCE last night.

    • Emmeric Durand

  • Storytellers

    Merci beaucoup cher bébé. You looked pretty fucking fierce too.

    • T

  • Hilt

    You prefer apologies? I don’t understand, but I don’t have to in this case.

    To the Toreador,
    I made accusations about the nature of your relationships and designs that I now realize were entirely false. I apologize.

    To all affected by slavery and/or seizures,
    I used the terms inappropriately. I apologize.

    To all,
    One of my theories was proven false, and yet the whole city had to keep reading about it ad nauseum. Apologies.

    A separate note to Tucker,
    I was planning to say this anyway, and now is as good a time as any. This process has led me to realize that a great deal of what I thought I knew about you was entirely inaccurate. I assume that this will be unrequited, but I like you quite a bit now, and you have my support. Further, and I say this under the assumption that this chapter is closed, as it would be insulting otherwise, now that I am again defeated by you in these pages, I want to compliment you on your social king fu. Your skill in this matter is superb. I who have been vanguished salute you. Good Game, Tucker. I’m glad you’re on our side and not theirs.