Notes from Meeting on Sunday 2/24/19

  • These are the notes from the meeting on Sunday 2/24/19.


    Areas of address:

    • Turf in the area
    • Strengthening said turf
    • The segue into the larger project
    • Long term goals
    • Medium goals

    Turf & Strengthening it:

    • We need to invest time and focus on the immediate area around Midtown
    • We need to work on growing our integration in the area (( ooc: Lien ))
    • We need to work on the security of the area (( ooc: Portillion ))
    • We need to work on growing our area of influence (( ooc: Chasse ))

    The Larger Project:

    • The talk of taking things from the Tower has been prevalent however we will actually do something about it
    • The plan is to take the rack from them and move it to Midtown - the NEW rack

    There was a long discussion on who would control or own the new Rack. Some highlights:

    • Declare it the Rack
    • Have control over the neighbouring area in the form of Domain
    • Speak with Felicia, and have her appoint the Spine as the Keepers of the Rack (essentially the protectors of ?)

    This was tabled for the moment as the actual declaration and taking of said Rack is nowhere near ready to occur and more discussion needs to be done on the implementation of the idea.

    How to turn Midtown into the Rack:

    • Establish a company (companies) that are focused on the revitalization of the area
      • Upscale homes, clubs, restaurants and culture
    • The decision was essentially made to have several different companies to break up the monopoly of the single entity and to preserve the identity of those who own/run it
    • We are to talk further on our Spine board on how we will contribute to the project

    Long Term Goals:

    • The Rack
    • Reach the pinnacle of our influences

    Medium Length Goals:

    • Strengthen and cultivate our turf
    • Start the creation of the companies for the revitalization of Midtown

    If I missed anything, please don’t hesitate to add here to it.